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Woman ‘looked like she was cut’ after alleged sexual assault by Jarryd Hayne, court hears


A woman who has accused Jarryd Hayne of sexual assault has been described as “cut all over” after a fleeting sexual encounter with the former NRL star left her bleeding and in pain, a court has been told.

The 26-year-old woman sent photos of her genitalia to her best friend in the hours after the incident, the New South Wales District Court was told on Friday as Hayne faces a new trial over the incident on the night of the 2018 NRL grand final.

The former NSW and Parramatta fullback has denied sexually assaulting the woman at his Newcastle home and has pleaded not guilty to two charges of aggravated sexual assault without consent.

According to Crown Prosecutor John Sfinas, Mr Hayne is accused of being ‘forceful’ and ‘rude’ while performing oral and digital sex on the woman without her consent, causing cuts and considerable bleeding.

The messages between the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, and her best friend on the night of September 30, 2018, were read to the jury on Friday.

After taking a photo of her genitals using selfie mode on her phone, the complainant sent the image to her best friend.

Hayne (pictured outside court with his lawyer Margaret Cunneen, right) has maintained his innocence after being accused of sexually assaulting the woman at her home.

“That’s like sliced ​​all over the place,” the woman replied.

In another message, the best friend wrote to the woman: ‘You kept saying no and now that’s happened, that’s rape.’

The best friend took the witness stand Friday, telling the court that she “realized” the incident was “non-consensual” from her friend’s messages.

“In the earlier message she said ‘I kept saying no’ and my response was ‘If you keep saying no, that’s rape,'” the best friend told the court.

In another text message to the alleged victim, her best friend wrote: “But sometimes when you’re in that situation after you’ve said no, you just freeze up.”

“You said he didn’t even say sorry, just ‘go to a doctor’, that’s wrong,” another text message to the woman said, the court was told.

“I can’t believe I haven’t even said sorry,” one text read.

The woman told the court that she assumed Hayne would have apologized if told that he allegedly caused the woman pain.

The best friend told the court that the woman’s behavior in the days after the alleged incident was unusual.

She told the court that the woman was “very calm and not herself.”

The same best friend took her to see a doctor on October 3, just three days after she was allegedly sexually assaulted, and the doctor suggested she make an anonymous report to the police.

The woman did not want to report it and kept the incident to herself for several weeks, only telling a select group of friends and family.

The sister of Hayne's accuser told the court that her brother did not tell her about the alleged assault by the NRL star for a month before breaking down during a FaceTime call.

The sister of Hayne’s accuser told the court that her brother did not tell her about the alleged assault by the NRL star for a month before breaking down during a FaceTime call.

But on October 30, the court was told that she broke down and called her sister, revealing what had happened.

Her sister told the court on Thursday that she was “upset” when she found out that her sister avoided telling her about the allegations for a month, but finally opened up during a FaceTime call.

“(She) had obviously been crying, her eyes were quite swollen and she was visibly upset,” the sister told the court.

“She said Jarryd Hayne had come over…he was a bit of a ‘jerk and had a taxi waiting all the time’.”

‘She had said ‘no, it’s not, I don’t know’. She seemed to be nervous and that bothered me,” the sister said.

Asked if she told her sister to go to the police, she said she tried, but the woman “didn’t want to” because she was afraid.

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The best friend of the woman accusing the former Parramatta Eels and Gold Coast Titans star (pictured) told the court she believed the alleged incident was “non-consensual” based on text messages sent to her.

The sister told the court that she told someone else about the allegations: her husband, who said he would take matters “into his own hands.”

His brother-in-law, a huge NRL fan, took the witness stand on Thursday afternoon and told the court that his wife, who is the alleged victim’s sister, had told him she had been “raped”.

“(Her sister) said that she had been raped by Jarryd Hayne on the final big night,” he told the court.

She then called Channel 9 journalist Danny Weidler, who told the family to call Karen Murphy at the NRL Integrity Unit, where authorities became involved.

The brother-in-law told the court that he had to tell the alleged victim ‘not to get mad’ at him.

When Hayne’s defense attorney, Margaret Cunneen SC, asked why he did not go directly to the police, the man told the court that he wanted to.

“That would have been my first preference, but my wife told me (the woman) wouldn’t go,” he said.

The trial continues before Judge Graham Turnbull.

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