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Woman cries after accidentally using wood sealant instead of hair spray: “What did I do?”


Woman cries after realizing she accidentally mistook a wood sealant for hairspray: ‘Please tell me this comes out’

  • A New York woman accidentally used wood sealant instead of hair spray
  • I tried to wash off the product to no avail

A woman is devastated to discover a horrifying mistake she made when she mistook wood sealant for a beauty product.

New York native Louisa Melcher simply used what she thought was hairspray all over the crown of her head before going out one night.

But the woman began to become suspicious after the product had not washed off even though she had shampooed her hair twice the next day.

She soon realizes that her housekeeper had mistakenly left a box of shellac commonly used in woodworking on Louisa’s vanity table.

Wood shellac is very dangerous and should not come into direct contact with the skin.

Louisa Melcher (pictured), from New York, simply used what she thought was hairspray on the crown of her head before going out one night

Louisa shared a video of her incident on social media.

“I’m one second away from losing my complete sanity now,” she said.

The woman detailed her journey as she tried to wash off the “hairspray”.

“I took a shower twice today trying to remove my hairspray and it just didn’t budge.”

The New Yorker then decided to look at the aftercare instructions on the bottle when she realized her fatal mistake.

“I wanted to check and see what hairspray was because it was really good,” she said.

What is shellac wood?

Wood shellac is a warm-toned wood finish that can be applied with a spray bottle, brush, or piece of cloth.

It is used to polish wood surfaces and has been used by carpenters and woodworkers for decades.

Shellac gives the wood pieces a natural finish and ranges in color from clear to dark opal.

The product is known to dry quickly so several coats can be applied in one day.

Shellac enhances the natural beauty of the wood and extends its life.

source: Saws on Skis, The Paver Sealer Shop

Then the woman lifted a can of wood sealant.

“I think I put f**king wood shellac for woodworking in my king hair,” she swears profusely.

She finally begged her fans for reassurance.

“Please tell me this comes out.”

Many have drawn parallels to Tessica Brown, who sprayed her hair with Gorilla Glue in 2021, leaving her with locks that were stiff and static for over a month.

Brown had to be treated by a plastic surgeon in order to completely get rid of the tough glue from her hair.

Provide thousands of helpful suggestions Louisa can try to get the unwanted product out of her hair.

“Paint thinner or acetone should work,” said one woman. “Your hair will dry out but the rough shellac should come out.”

Pure acetone will probably be the only thing that will get it out, but you will need to purchase a deep conditioning mask as it can make your hair very dry.

“All-alcohol only dissolves in 100 percent alcohol, and natural remedies like coconut or olive oil won’t help.”

“Don’t put anything else in your hair – just go to the hospital!”

‘Girl, you need to take him to the emergency room. Put your phone down!’

While others wondered how she could make such a careless mistake.

‘Didn’t you learn anything?’ The flashbacks to Gorilla Glue Girl are unreal.

“I’ve never seen a can of hairspray look like this – how could you make that mistake?”

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