Woman charged with misdemeanor attack in racist rant on NYC subway

<pre><pre>Woman charged with misdemeanor attack in racist rant on NYC subway

A Brooklyn woman was arrested and charged with assault after a racist attack on another New York City passenger.

Anna Lushchinskaya, 40, was shot according to the ABC7 and shouted swear words, racist lies and kicks and hit a 24-year-old Asian woman aboard a D-train on Tuesday morning.

Lushchinskaya can be heard about the woman who attacked them and others with racist slogans. The police said the exchange took place after Lushchinskaya ran into the victim.

The victim, who according to the report has suffered cracks in her face, can respond to her attacker: "You are a disgrace to all whites."

The police have not accused Lushchinskaya of biased crimes, the report said. She was arrested at the 36th Street station.

A number of train passengers tried to intervene and stop Lushchinskaya from continuing to attack the woman. Passengers are told to ask "stop" and "chill out" during the altercation.

ABC7 reported that the face of a good samaritan was scratched in the altercation. Lushchinskaya was accused earlier this year of allegedly pepper man spraying, also on the 36th Street station, according to the punishment complaint.

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