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Woman, 21, denies wearing boxer shorts with socks inside to mimic a penis, assault trial hears


A woman accused of “luring a teenage girl into sex by pretending to be a boy” has denied wearing boxer shorts with socks in them to mimic a penis.

In a message Georgia Bilham, 21, sent her mother on August 20, 2021 after the alleged victim confronted her about the true identity, writing that she would “never go near a girl, I wouldn’t have had the boxers, none of that.”

Later in the same report, the jury had heard Bilham say to her, “Those boxers and socks, you already know the truth behind them.” I just didn’t know how to break it off without being questioned.”

Asked today in Chester Crown Court by prosecutor Anna Pope about the reference to boxer shorts, she insisted it was related to her mother finding an ex-boyfriend’s clothes in her bedroom.

The alleged victim told police she felt “some sort of willy figure” in “George’s” groin area as their bodies touched.

Georgia Bilham of Alpraham, Cheshire, is charged with nine counts of assault and eight counts of penetrative assault, all of which she denies

But today Bilham told the court, “I don’t know what she felt, because there was nothing in my pants.”

Bilham admitted to constructing “a web of lies” but denied “causing a stir” by misleading the alleged victim.

And she denied getting sexual satisfaction from having sex with the alleged victim, saying, “It didn’t really help me.”

Under cross-examination by Mrs. Pope, Bilham admitted that she had ‘lied all the way through’.

But she insisted the alleged victim must have known the truth after hearing Bilham confirm her real identity to police following the crash in May 2021.

“I lied to protect myself, not my gender,” she added.

Mrs. Pope asked Bilham if she had ‘got a buzz from deceiving her that you were a man’. “No,” she replied.

The court also learned that on the evening of August 19, 2021, the alleged victim sent Bilham a message that read, “Game over Georgia hun, you need sectioning.”

Ten minutes later, jurors were told that Bilham had searched Google about deleting a Snapchat account, and shortly after deleted her George Parry profile.

However, Bilham denied that the timing showed her reacting to being exposed, saying, “I just did it, I did it.”

The mother of the alleged victim told the court last week that she first suspected ‘George’ had gone to stay at the family home when she found the toilet seat up because her daughter’s partner does not live with them.

But today Bilham denied ever doing this while posing as “George.”

Bilham, 21, told her court she had a 'toxic', 'love-hate' relationship with the teen

Bilham, 21, told her court she had a ‘toxic’, ‘love-hate’ relationship with the teen

Asked by Mrs. Pope if she was posing as George because she knew otherwise the prosecution would not consent to sexual activity with her, Bilham replied, “I could not answer.”

Bilham denied trying to keep up appearances until she was reportedly finally exposed in August 2021: “I was just trying to protect myself and got caught up in the web of lies.

Mrs. Pope asked her if she hadn’t wanted the teenager to know she was really Georgia Bilham, “what was the problem with her knowing you were a girl?”

Bilham replied, “There wasn’t, but then there would be more questions so she would know it was me, wouldn’t she?”

Bilham was re-examined by her lawyer, asking if she had gotten “any sexual satisfaction” from everything that had happened between the couple.

“No,” she replied. “Did it feel good to you in any other way?” she asked. “No,” said Bilham.

No further defense witnesses were called and the jury is expected to hear closing arguments tomorrow. The process continues.

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