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Woman, 20, and her boyfriend, 18, are arrested for ‘beating and strangling three women to death’

Wife, 20, and her boyfriend, 18, are arrested for ‘beating and strangling three women to death over a rental dispute’

  • Jordan Guzman (20) and friend Anthony McCloud (18) have been arrested
  • The pair would have struck Wednesday and strangled Wendy Lopez-Araiza
  • Cops said Lopez-Araiza’s daughter, Genesis Lopez-Araiza, 21, and son’s girlfriend, Trinity Clyde, 18, suffered bone violence and were killed
  • All three bodies were found by the man from Lopez-Araiza when he came home
  • Guzman had rented a room in Hemet, California, the home authorities said
  • She was with her boyfriend when a dispute over her lease led to the alleged attacks, the authorities said at a Friday conference
  • Guzman and McCloud were accused of murder and are being held on a $ 2 million bond

A woman and her boyfriend were arrested and charged with murder for alleged mistreatment and strangulation of three women over a rental dispute last week in California.

Jordan Guzman, 20, and her boyfriend, Anthony McCloud, 18, were taken into custody in Las Vegas – 400 miles away from a Hemet, California, home where the bodies of Wendy Lopez-Araiza, her daughter, Genesis Lopez-Araiza, and The 18-year-old girlfriend of her son, Trinity Clyde, was found on Wednesday.

According to a statement from Hemet police, Wendy’s husband arrived at their home after he left work shortly after 8.40 pm on Wednesday evening.

He immediately called 911 after he found his deceased wife and reported that the house was “covered with blood.”

Jordan Guzman, 20

Anthony McCloud, 18

Anthony McCloud, 18

Jordan Guzman (20) and her boyfriend Anthony McCloud (18) have been arrested in Las Vegas for strangling three women last week due to a rent dispute in California

According to Hemet police, Wendy Lopez-Araiza’s husband (left) arrived at their home after leaving work Wednesday evening shortly after 8:40 PM. He called 911 after he found his wife and reported that the house was “covered with blood”

When department officers arrived at the house in the 1400 block of Rabbit Peak Way in Hemet, they all found the women.

According to police, Guzman had recently moved to the house and McCloud had visited the house prior to the incident.

All three victims were declared dead on the spot.

According to the authorities, Guzman and McCloud have stolen the Hyundai Sonata from Clyde.

“Investigators learned fairly quickly about a possible Las Vegas connection and immediately contacted the Nevada authorities to look for the missing Hyundai Sonata from Trinity,” the police said in the statement.

On Thursday, the police located the vehicle in Las Vegas and Guzman and McCloud were arrested.

Genesis Lopez-Araiza

Genesis Lopez-Araiza

Trinity Clyde

Trinity Clyde

The bodies of Lopez-Araiza’s daughter, Genesis Lopez-Araiza (left), and her son’s 18-year-old friend, Trinity Clyde (right), were also found on Wednesday

Guzman and McCloud were both charged with three counts of murder.

They are being held at the Las Vegas Clark County Detention Center with a bail of $ 2 million.

Both are subject to the delivery process, which can take several weeks.

It is unclear how long Guzman was a tenant at the residence, but the police said on Friday that a dispute about her lease caused the alleged attacks.

Family members launched one GoFundMe for the mother and daughter.

“They were brutally and meaninglessly murdered. We ask for financial help, because this tragedy is currently impossible for us to tackle alone. Please help us with the funeral costs’, is on the page.

The account raised more than $ 10,000 from Sunday morning.