Woke Uta teacher who bragged that her classroom ‘for non-white students’ keeps job after apology

Woke Utah Elementary School Teacher Shared Video Bragging That Her Class Is ‘Built For Non-White Students’ May STAY Her Job — After Bowing Apologies For Her Behavior

  • A fourth-grade teacher was suspended after she said she deliberately excluded representations of white people from her
  • The director of William Penn Elementary School said the message was “deeply disturbing” and “inappropriate.”
  • A Granite School District investigation found no “policy or legal violations” had occurred in the posting
  • Administrators said employees were free to express themselves on their personal social media spaces
  • Granite School District said it reprimanded the teacher for her behavior, however
  • She has not been named due to threats against her and will likely be moved to another school in the district



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The alert fourth-grade teacher who claimed on social media that her classroom was “built for non-white students” has been able to keep her job after a school district investigation finds no “policy or legal violations.”

The teacher, who has not been named, has been suspended since she posted a video of herself in August explaining her new role at William Penn Elementary School in Mill Creek, Utah.

“For the first time in my life, I’m teaching at a predominantly white school and I’m a little interested in seeing how students and parents react to my classroom or if they even notice because it’s built for non- white students,” she said on the social network.

“If you look around and you use some of the materials I have, you will see that there are no white children represented.”

After the message went viral, Dr. Nichole Higgins, the school’s principal, called the teacher’s statement “extremely disturbing” and said “it is inappropriate for an employee to make students feel unwelcome in any way, in any form.”

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The former William Penn Elementary School teacher pictured will not be fired for saying her class is “built for non-white students,” but she will likely be transferred to another school in the Granite School District

Parents were also outraged by the post on social media.

“When white people wake up, they become racists. She is not allowed within 500 [yards] from any school, let alone teach at one. Wow. Sick of these idiots,” Brock Fetter wrote on the Granite School District Parents Facebook group.

Administrators promised to investigate, but on September 23 according to ABC 4 News in Salt Lake City, they found there was no evidence of “any policy or legal violations” or “incidents of discrimination of any kind within the employee’s or students’ class.”

District representatives told the TV news station that “employees have freedom of expression in their own time and in their private lives.”

William Penn Elementary School investigated one of its new fourth-grade teachers after she made alleged discriminatory statements, but ultimately found no “policy or legal violations”

The teacher, who has not been named due to threats made against her via the Twitter post, will likely be transferred to another school in the district.

MailOnline contacted a woman identified as the teacher, but the request for comment was not immediately answered.

Despite no wrongdoing, Granite School District officials said they had “disciplined the employee as appropriate and consistent with the findings of the investigation.”

They also shared an apology that the teacher wrote:

“I sincerely regret the disruption caused to the school, faculty, community, families and especially my students. The expectations in my class are to be safe, responsible and respectful. I built my classroom for all students and to welcome all families,” the teacher wrote.

“I have and will continue to make every student feel welcome and represented in my classroom, and I strive for an inclusive environment and to ensure the safety and comfort of all my students.

“I also want to reiterate the importance of parent involvement and applaud their involvement in the education of their children. I am committed to adhere to state and district approved standards, curriculum and materials to ensure the success of my students.”

The Granite School District’s Non-Discrimination Policy, posted on its website, prohibits discrimination, harassment or retaliation based on race, color, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other legally protected classification.


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