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Witness the eagerness and heartburn of a Syrian refugee worried about the fate of his wife after the migrants’ ship sank in the Mediterranean


The Syrian refugee in Germany, Qassem Abu Zeid, headed to Greece, as soon as he heard the news of the sinking of the ship carrying migrants.

Immediately upon his arrival at the port of Kalamata, where the survivors and the bodies of the victims of the shipwreck from Libya to Italy were taken, Abu Zeid, with tears in his eyes, began his search for his wife and her brother who were on board the ship.

Abu Zaid, 34, explained that his wife, Israa Aoun, 21, and her brother Abdullah, 19, were on a fishing boat that sank on Wednesday in the Mediterranean Sea.

Abu Zaid revealed that “the last time he called his wife was 8 days ago, when she was preparing to board the boat after she paid $5,000 to the smugglers.”

Despite the rescue of 104 people and the recovery of the bodies of 78 others, Abu Zeid is still searching for a thread that will reveal the fate of his relatives.

The UN migration agency estimated that the ship was carrying between 700 and 750 people, including at least 40 children, based on interviews with survivors of the disaster.

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