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Witness: A quarrel and chase between a Ukrainian and his Russian counterpart during the Turkish summit


A video clip posted on the account of a member of the Ukrainian parliament, Aleksandr Marikovsky, showed a quarrel between him and a Russian official after the session of the Parliamentary Assembly for Economic Cooperation of the Black Sea in Ankara, Turkey, on Thursday.

The quarrel occurred after Valerie Stavitsky, the secretary of the Russian delegation, tore down the Ukrainian flag that Alexander Marikovsky had raised behind the Russian delegate, Olga Timofeeva, while she was giving a press interview.

Video footage shows Marikovsky chasing Stavitsky and then punching him in the face to forcefully retrieve the Ukrainian flag.

The quarrel comes a day before officials from Russia, Ukraine and Turkey meet to discuss extending a deal to export grain and fertilizer through Black Sea ports, which is due to expire on May 18.

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