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Witness: A green phosphorous liquid invaded the waters of Venice and caused panic among the authorities.. The reason is unknown


A bright green spot appeared in the waters of the famous Grand Canal in Venice, and the police began an investigation to find out its source.

Venice police opened an investigation into the cause of the appearance of a phosphorescent green liquid stain today, Sunday, in the city’s famous Grand Canal.

Residents reported to the authorities that a mysterious green liquid had spread through one of Venice’s main waterways. The governor of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, also published a photo near the arched Rialto Bridge, which is considered one of the most famous tourist areas.

Zaya called for an urgent meeting with the police to open an investigation to determine who was responsible.

Pictures posted on social media show a bright green patch of the canal, extending along the bridge lined with cafes and restaurants.

Environmental officials arrived at the site to conduct tests on the canal water and identify the source of the strange color.

This incident comes after environmental groups targeted ancient monuments with paints and dyes, and activists used charcoal to turn the water of the Trevi Fountain in Rome black, in protest against the use of fossil fuels.

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