With the new Echo Flex from Amazon you can place Alexa anywhere in your house

Amazon is introducing another way to get Alexa, the Echo Flex. It is a small speaker that you connect directly to a power outlet, so you can get Alexa more easily in every room of your house. Amazon has a USB port built into the bottom of the $ 24.99 Echo Flex, so you can use it with your bedside table and still charge your phone, or even connect extra accessories to the Echo Flex.


Amazon announces two Echo Flex accessories that you can slide into the bottom, a motion sensor and a night light. Both will be priced at $ 14.99, and because the Flex is clearly modular, we will probably see many more accessories in the future. Amazon even builds an API for software developers and shares the specifications for accessories in the future so that others can build for the Flex.

The modular aspect of the Echo Flex is definitely the most interesting part and distinguishes it from the many smart plugs that are already on the market. If Amazon can convince other hardware makers to create Flex add-ons, this could be a new way to persuade Alexa to drive even more electronics at home.

The Echo Flex can be ordered today for $ 24.99 and the two accessories each cost $ 14.99.

The developing. View our Amazon hardware event live blog for the latest updates!

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