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With the announcement of the PlayStation event, an army from Sony visits Kojima Studio | -WhatsNew2Day


Sony recently announced the upcoming PlayStation Showcase event that will be held next week, and it seems that Hideo Kojima and his expected game Death Stranding 2 will be one of the stars of this event.

through his own account Twitter, Kojima published a photo that brought him together with a large number of Sony professionals who were visiting Kojima Productions. The team that appears in the picture includes a number of XDEV team and marketing managers from Sony, as it seems that preparations are being made in order to reveal the game at the announced PlayStation event.

The presence of the marketing team is a clear indication that the Kojima game is ready and while a plan is being developed for promotion and release, so we expect that there will be a release date in the upcoming event.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Sony team visit Kojima Productions, as a number of PlayStation marketing teams visited last month.

The review of Death Stranding 2 on PS5 at the event is very much the case, but why don’t we leave the door open for some surprises?! What if there is a new collaboration with genius Kojima on a new project?

Kojima was hoping to work on a horror game project, and some sources said that this project already exists. Will Kojima take advantage of his presence at a major event such as the PlayStation event to unveil this project? We really hope to see something new from Kojima, especially after the PT horror game project that he was supposed to work on within the Silent Hill series was canceled.

What are your expectations?

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