With Spotify you can now share music directly with Snapchat

Spotify adds the ability to share whatever you're listening to with a snap on Snapchat – long after other platforms such as Instagram already had the same type of integration. As long as Snapchat is installed on the same device that you use Spotify on, you will see it appear in the Spotify submenu.

When selected, Snapchat automatically creates a track with track information and album art for the track currently being played. This can then be sent to your individual Snapchat friends or to your story. You can share individual songs, albums, playlists or podcasts.

If you receive a Spotify share on Snapchat, you can just swipe up to listen to the song that has just been sent. Direct sharing, which has become hugely popular on Instagram, also came late in Facebook stories; the feature was launched last month. Sharing Snapchat will be rolled out "soon" for Spotify on Android and iPhone.

Apart from the fact that it is clearly not a top priority for Spotify, Snapchat will soon also have to deal with new competition outside of Instagram and WhatsApp. Facebook is working on a new app called Threads that is aimed at sharing with good friends instead of a wider audience of online followers.