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With Skype for iOS, you can now hide cluttered rooms with background blur

Microsoft is adding a background blur feature to its Skype for iOS app. The feature is identical to what exists in the company’s Teams app, allowing iPhone and iPad users to blur what’s in the background of a video call. Microsoft also added this automatic background blur to the Skype desktop app last year.

Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to blur everything in a room around you and keep you as the main focus. The blur effect, which is basically bokeh, detects hair, arms and hands to prevent the body language from blurring during video calls. It won’t completely obscure everything around you, but it certainly enhances video calls where you want to keep the focus on you and not a cluttered room.

Google is also reportedly adding background blur to its Meet video conferencing service, just as the battle for business-focused video and chat apps is on the rise. Microsoft is also running the Teams communication app to serve groups of friends and family, but still plans to support and update Skype.

While Skype now supports background blur on PC, iOS and iPadOS, there is no word on Android support yet. You can download the latest version of Skype for iPhone or iPad and enable background blurring within the video call options.