With Oculus, developers can now sell subscriptions to their Quest apps and games


Developers who have apps or games in the Oculus Store can now sell recurring subscriptions to their titles, instead of offering them for a one-time fee or choosing to handle the subscription process independently. This should provide an easier, more sustainable way for developers to offer new content, features, and tools to paying subscribers over time. Oculus told me The edge that the approval process for subscription apps is similar to apps with in-app purchases and add-ons.

Oculus shared on his blog that from today, FitXR, the hugely successful REC Room Strain XR Tripp vSpatial, and VZfit are the first to start working with a subscription model in the Oculus Store, especially for the Quest platform versions of the apps. If you have purchased or downloaded any of these apps, you will keep the content that you already have access to. Check out the blog for details on how each app handles the jump to the subscription model and what benefits each app offers as they differ.

Popular VR fitness app Supernatural confirmed The edge that it will soon support in-headset subscriptions for new members in the near future, but for now, subscriptions are handled through the site or mobile companion app.

Unlike HTC’s Xbox Game Pass-like Viveport service that offers unlimited access to a library of VR apps and games for a monthly or annual cost, the Oculus Store is sticking to per-app subscriptions for now. And don’t worry, Oculus allows a free trial for every subscription-based title in the store, so you can try (and cancel) before you buy, but those trial periods vary by app.

Oculus says some apps now require a subscription to use them at all, while subscribing becomes optional for others. However, it is likely that developers will send most of the new content to subscribers instead of offering it as a free update like popular Quest games like Defeat Saber and In Death: Unchained have done with downloadable content packs, perhaps as a way to encourage in-app spending.

The VR company owned by Facebook listed in February that more than 60 titles for the Quest platform earn millions of dollars from apps and games in the Oculus Store. It clearly wants to turn more apps into multi-million dollar stories, and subscriptions certainly seem like a way to speed that up. When I asked if Oculus keeps a percentage of a subscription sale, the company said The edge that it doesn’t discuss fees it collects from developers.