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With iOS 14, you may be able to scan QR codes to use Apple Pay

Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 update may allow you to pay for items by scanning QR codes that activate Apple Pay, giving you another way to use the company’s digital payment platform. 9to5Mac references found for the hitherto unannounced feature in the latest iOS 14 Developer Beta released earlier today.

9to5Mac said it couldn’t make the function work, but it did find an image that seems to instruct the user on how to use the new function. And 9to5Mac says it found the code for the feature in a public system API, which may indicate that third-party apps can also let you scan QR codes to make purchases with Apple Pay.

Image: 9to5Mac

iOS 14 is still only available as a beta for developers, and Apple regularly updates and changes the features in the upcoming software until released to the public. That means this feature, which has not been announced and which we currently only know because 9to5Mac went digging through the iOS 14 code, may not really see the light of day with the final release later this year.

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