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With GoPro you can now turn the Hero 8 into a webcam

During the coronavirus pandemic, you may not get much use of GoPro’s outdoor action cameras, so GoPro makes it a lot easier for you to repurpose its flagship Hero 8 camera for indoor use as a macOS webcam. GoPro says support for Windows is currently under development.

Using new beta software, you can transform the Hero 8 into a webcam that connects to your computer via USB for use on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video conference services. Mind you, the Hero 8 is not known for its high-quality images compared to DSLR cameras, although it is certainly a better alternative to the poor image quality of most laptop webcams.

Many people who distanced themselves socially and worked from home during the pandemic relied on video conference tools and webcams to communicate. Due to the pandemic, webcams are in high demand, causing widespread shortages. To address the issue, many camera manufacturers, including Fujifilm and Canon, have released software to allow owners of their products to rearrange their cameras in webcams.