With Google you can now set a time limit to automatically delete location history and web activity data

Google is now starts rolling out the function for automatically deleting location history after the announcement in May. The tool comes after an emphasis on user privacy during the last developer convention season, where companies such as Google and Apple both said they would roll out tools to give customers more control over what data they share with third-party companies or apps.


However, one of the criticisms was that much of the work still depended on the user to set. For example, location tracking and web / app activity history on Google are retained until users manually delete them by default (the company says this to improve user experience, ad targeting, and search personalizations). With the new tool you can now set your tracking preferences to delete in intervals of three or 18 months.

The good news here is that Google says data older than 18 months is automatically deleted, so even if you forget it, set it up, the company will clear the data for you, no matter what.

The feature will be rolled out worldwide on both Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

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