With Epic you can watch the Fortnite World Cup live while you play the game

We have seen game developers build tools in the past that allow you to view the e-sports competitions of a viewer in the game itself, in particular Blizzard for Overwatch League. But Epic goes one step further for its upcoming Fortnite World Cup event this weekend with a streaming function for full image in image (PiP) go live in the coming days. That way you can run a live feed of the competition while you play Fortnite, if the 100-person Battle Royale game is not a sufficient stimulus.


Today, Epic detailed the new feature and released a schedule of three-day tournament events, including a number of fan activities, another pro-am competition for celebrities, and a fair amount of pre-show analysis and interviews beyond the major solo and duo tournaments. Epic says it turns on the feature by default as the "first step to fully building the streaming experience in the game," and hopes to gather some feedback on how well it fits within the main interface of Fortnite.

You can unsubscribe from the PiP function and Epic will remember your choice for the next time. You can also enable it later if you only want to see the tournaments and not something of the pre-show. The live casting will for the time being only be in English without subtitles or captions, but Epic points fans to it Fortnite.com/Watch for localized content. It seems that it hopes to invest more in accessibility and language support in the future.

Anyway, this is a neat attempt to bring live content into the virtual game world in a way we have never seen before. Hopefully it helps Epic to build an even more robust live viewing system Fortnite.

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