With a new Tinder test, people can pay to enable read confirmations for specific chats

Tinder & # 39; s are starting two tests today that could possibly tempt more people to pay for the dating app. The tests build on top of the paid subscriptions of the app – Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus – by offering some subscribers the option to pay to view read confirmations on chats, as well as the ability to break the algorithm and push their profile to the top of people's potential match stacks.


These premium users can pay to enable read confirmations for individual chat threads so that they can see if and when a match is reading their message. Only the person who upgraded the chat can view the read receipts, but both people have the option to turn off read receipts. Read receipts are enabled by default, so make sure you turn them off if you do not want other people to know you have read a message. The read confirmation function can be purchased in packages and then applied to specific chats.

Other dating apps also offer read confirmations like a paid upgrade, including The League and OkCupid, but it's extremely relentless to take them to Tinder, if only because it's an app where many people agree and then stop chatting. I like to convince myself that someone is no longer responding because they have fallen in love and have not looked at the app, and it would be terrible to know that a message has been read and that it is not worth it to to respond. Yet I am sure that many people want an answer – what if their date died or something – so it seems that this could be a promising feature, at least for generating money for Tinder.

The second update is relatively small, but can be intriguing for people who are convinced that the reason why they don't get matches is because their profile has never actually surfaced. Super Boost promises to promote a user's profile to 100 times more people than normal. It is unclear how long the promotion will last, but according to Tinder the option to use Super Boost appears during "peak night hours" or when people are likely to sweep. Super Boost is an upgraded version of Boost, which gives users 10 times more profile views. We do not have price information about both functions and they are both only tests for now, so not every user sees them as purchase options.

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