Winner of a $ 768.4 million Powerball jackpot is revealed as a 24-year-old

& # 39; It feels like a dream & # 39 ;: the winner of a $ 768 million Powerball jackpot is revealed as a 24-year-old wondering if he had $ 1,000 in the bank just three weeks ago

Last month's amazing $ 768.4 million Powerball Jackpot winner named its name at a Tuesday press conference.

Manuel Franco, 24, from West Allis, Wisconsin, became the third largest jackpot winner in American history when he purchased a Quick Pick card at a Speedway in New Berlin in March.

He said that one day he usually & # 39; happy & # 39; felt after work and decided to test the feeling by having a chance to take home the huge prize fund.

& # 39; Around two o'clock & # 39; I had left in the afternoon. I was actually lucky … it's a weird feeling, not at all natural, & he said at the press conference.

& # 39; I was lucky to look at the camera and wanted to wink at it because I really had that sense of happiness.

Franco & # 39; s ticket for the March 27 drawing was the only one that could match all six Powerball numbers.

It is assumed that Franco will opt for the only payout option, giving him a cash sum of more than $ 477 million.

With state laws that don't allow lottery winners to remain anonymous, Franco was given 180 days to redeem his ticket and reveal his identity.