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Windows 11 looks at features from Apple and will thus solve an age-old problem


Anyone who has ever used a Windows PC knows that a program on this operating system tends to hang up. Then the application often turns a transparent white and no longer reacts to anything.

So far, you always had to open the task manager and close the task. Alternatively, you can of course also wait for the answer of the program if you want to invest a lot of time and hope. In most cases, however, this is of little use.

According to tomshardware.com Windows 11 now gets a feature that is probably based on Apple’s Force Quit. With this function, applications can be terminated directly from the taskbar (or from the Mac Dock).

Closing tasks easier with Windows 11

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In the latest test version of Windows 11, testers have discovered a function that should allow tasks to be ended directly in the taskbar. So far you can only close the window in the traditional way, by right-clicking on the taskbar and then clicking on close.

As is well known, this does not bring much if the program hangs up. Then only one thing helps: open the task manager and end the task. In hardship even close the service.

In the new developer build, a right click on the application should be enough to shoot down a stubborn task. All you have to do is tick the settings: Settings → Privacy and security → For developers → Tick »End Task«.

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However, care should be taken when closing a task this way, especially if it hasn’t hung. In the worst case, data can be corrupted if you force a program to close.

Therefore, the upcoming feature should only be enjoyed with caution.

Not quite ready to say

The feature in the test version still seems to cause problems or not to work at all. However, we can assume that the feature will not be long in coming.

How often are you annoyed by applications that hang? This can happen more often than one would like. Do you have this problem more often? How do you deal with the problem? Is it worth the wait or are you part of the team task manager? Let us know your opinions and experiences in the comments!

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