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Win at Hyperlocal Marketing with CliquePrize

Many companies advertise on a city and area-wide basis; however, for some advertisers, this is not nearly local enough. Some advertisers focus on areas of just a few blocks, or even a few streets, to find new customers, much like crime-fighting investigators in police procedurals trying to track a perp’s cell signal with equipment of dubious veracity. “Hyperlocal” advertisers target potential clients where they are: at home, at work, or in neighborhood shops.

What Is Hyperlocal Marketing?

Hyperlocal marketing focuses on potential customers in a very small, geographically constrained region, sometimes only a few blocks or streets, usually attracting people’s attention using mobile devices to execute “near me” searches.

You’ve probably previously used a hyperlocal search if you have found yourself searching for a specific kind of business when you are on the go.

Take the case of searching for a copy of a recent book. All the books are sold out when you go to the closest bookshop. How do you proceed? You pull out your smartphone and use the near-me feature to look for bookshops in your area. You’ve already driven around the block for twenty minutes searching for a parking spot, so you are not eager to hop in the car and drive to another store; you want a bookshop you can walk to, right?

In a nutshell, this is what hyperlocal marketing is all about.

Why Should You Launch a Hyperlocal Marketing Campaign?

Objective-wise, the main purpose of hyperlocal marketing is to increase foot traffic to physical businesses and profit from near-me searches. In the past few years, near-me searches have skyrocketed in popularity. 

Google users now use near-me searches to discover everything from post offices to New Year’s Eve fireworks displays. According to data from Google, the volume of near-me searches increased by 130% year on year between 2014 and 2015 alone.

Despite the continued popularity of near-me searches, improvements in search technology are reshaping how people look for local businesses. Even when they do not specifically declare they are seeking local results, many users now anticipate local search results to come up ahead of larger results. 

Data from Google reveals that localized searches without “near me” or other location qualifiers (like zip codes or city names) have risen 150% faster than searches with “near me,” demonstrating that many people now expect Google to consider their location when displaying results automatically.

In the same way, search technology alters how we look for and communicate with local businesses online; consumer behavior also influences search technology. One of the major e-commerce trends to watch this year is “research online, purchase offline,” or ROPO. This will probably increase interest in, and demand for regionally targeted search results over time.

Hyperlocal marketing has become increasingly popular with the spike in near-me searches seen over the past several years. Over the past few years, the interest in location-based search results has been sparked by several factors, not only the increased use of mobile devices.

To prioritize fewer, higher-quality Google Maps results for near-me searches and provide “near me” suggestions in the “Searches related to…” recommendation at the bottom of the SERP, Google has been actively altering local search for some time. Since last year, Google has even started displaying extra results in a section of the SERP called “Discover more places” on various results pages, including those for desktop searches. Previously, this feature was only available for Maps results on mobile devices.

Hyperlocal marketing is now a very efficient method of bringing new clients to your brick-and-mortar store due to the increasing use of mobile devices and Google’s increased emphasis on local search.

What is CliquePrize and How Can It Help Small Businesses 

CliquePrize is an iPhone Giveaways mobile application that helps small businesses scale by reaching, nurturing, and converting local high-value prospects. You have all the resources you need with CliquePrize to organize, run, and complete profitable neighborhood promotions. Prize giveaways will help you build a targeted marketing list.

As a lead-generation engine from giveaways, CliquePrize is incredibly local, guaranteeing that promos only reach vetted contestants who are local, Metro Market-focused, and relevant. You will speak with the appropriate prospects who might wish to purchase from you, not robots or fakes. 

After the promotion, you can choose the winner(s). CliquePrize also enables you to get additional information (first and last name, email, mobile, and zip code) from your Giveaway participants so that you can sell your products/services to them.

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