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Wimbledon stars Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have some of biggest and best car collections

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Wimbledon is fast approaching and the world’s best athletes will battle it out to grab the Grand Slam trophy and the lucrative payout that comes with it.

Last year’s Wimbledon winner Novak Djokovic made £1,700,000 in prize money, while runner-up Matteo Berrettini received a check for £900,000. Both athletes also amassed more money through profitable sponsorship deals.

So what do they spend their money on? Well, among a number of things, tennis stars tend to opt for cars – many of them have some of the world’s best collections.

Prestige car experts Anglo Scottish Asset Finance know a thing or two about luxury cars and take a look at each star’s car collections – to determine who tops the charts for the biggest and best assortment.

Player Estimated Value of Collection
Rafael Nadal £836,000+
Novak Djokovic £830,000+
Roger Federer £638,000+
Serena Williams £637,000+
Andy Murray £444,000+
Naomi Osaka > £250,000+


With 21 Grand Slam titles and two Wimbledon wins, Nadal has the most men’s singles titles in history. Having played against Djokovic 58 times, their rivalry is regarded as one of the greatest ever – and their car collections also rival each other.

Nadal, sponsored by Kia, was presented with their most exciting sports car: the 365 horsepower Kia Stinger GT with a twin-turbo V6 engine. Nadal clearly feels the need for speed, as the owner of an Aston Martin DBS and Ferrari 458 Italia, the fastest car in his collection, with a top speed of 203 mph. He even owns a Mercedes AMG GTS, decorated with a striking tennis ball paint finish.

When it comes to cars, Nadal may just be able to pull Djokovic out. With the Aston Martin and Ferrari alone worth nearly £500,000, his collection’s estimated value is just above that of its competitor.


Serbian legend Novak Djokovic, six-time Wimbledon winner and holder of 20 men’s Grand Slam singles, is a well-known car enthusiast. Djokovic, a Peugeot brand ambassador, owns numerous electric cars, including a limited edition E-208 donated by Peugeot. He is also the proud owner of a Tesla Model X.

In addition to his electric cars, Djokovic’s collection includes a range of sportier motorcycles, including an Audi R8, Aston Martin DB9 (worth over £200,000) and Bentley GT Continental. For everyday use, where a more understated car is desired, he also has a Fiat 500.

With Djokovic’s Aston Martin selling for over £200,000, and his Bentley, Audi R8 and Mercedes S500 all selling for over £100,000, his collection will be the envy of petrolheads around the world.


Suave Swiss player Roger Federer has developed a stunning car collection over the years and has had a lucrative contract with Mercedes-Benz since 2008. Federer owns an all-occasion Mercedes, with at least six different models.

Federer famously owns a sun-yellow Mercedes AMG GTS, as well as an AMG G63, better known as a G-wagon. With a Mercedes for every occasion, Federer also has a convertible SL AMG for a sunny afternoon and a 4×4 Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S. He also owns a Range Rover – a staple of the professional sportsman’s garage.

While we’re sure Federer paid nothing for his car collection, it’s still the envy of car owners around the world, valued at over £600,000.


Winner of 23 Grand Slams, Serena Williams is one of the most decorated women’s players of all time, and has the car collection to match! Williams owns an Aston Martin Vanquish, which was previously sponsored by the British carmaker, and also owns a Bentley Continental GT.

Williams owns a Mercedes G-wagon, and her garage also has some more accessible “everyday” cars, such as a 2016 Mini Cooper and a Lincoln Navigator. When she became the face of Lincoln in 2018, Williams immediately got behind the wheel of a Navigator, which she’d had as her first car years before — her beloved SUV was back.

Williams’ Aston Martin Vanquish, valued at over £300,000, is the centerpiece of her collection, which is estimated to be worth over £600,000.


Scottish hero Andy Murray, who passed his driving test just five months earlier, ditched his understated VW Polo for a bright red Ferrari 430 – quite an improvement! However, after admitting that he felt ‘a bit of an asshole’, Murray swapped the Ferrari for a more stylish Aston Martin DB9, made famous by James Bond.

In 2015, Murray won the Munich Open, his first title on clay. A BMW i8 was part of his prize, and he also became the owner of a Jaguar I-Pace as a result of a sponsorship deal with Jaguar. Despite his ever-expanding car collection, Murray still owns his original VW Polo, in which he says: ‘I enjoy driving it. It was my first car and I’m attached to it.’

Murray’s understated British charm extends to his car collection – while not as opulent as Nadal or Djokovic, his garage exudes class.


Naomi Osaka, a four-time Grand Slam singles champion, secured a sponsorship with Nissan in 2018 after beating Serena Williams in the US Open. As part of their collaboration, Nissan released a range of limited edition GT-Rs.

Osaka helped choose the color combinations for the new GT-Rs, which she described as her ‘dream car’. Available in Midnight Opal, Brilliant White Pearl and Meteor Flake Black Pearl, the production run of the new GT-Rs was limited to 50, leaving Osaka the owner of one of the rarest cars on this list.

While we don’t know much about Osaka’s other bikes, you can expect her extremely rare limited edition GT-R to fetch at least £250,000!

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