William Tyrrell shock: lead detectives & # 039; come to blows & # 039; during a meeting about a lost child

<pre><pre>William Tyrrell shock: lead detectives & # 039; come to blows & # 039; during a meeting about a lost child


* September 12: Dressed in a Spiderman suit, William Tyrrell, 3, disappears from the front yard of his adoptive grandmother's house in Kendall, 40 km south of Port Macquarie in New South Wales.

* SEPTEMBER 21: The police stop looking for the missing child after touring the bushes and neighboring houses.


* February 19: Homicide detectives take charge of the case and say that William is likely to have been kidnapped.

* March 2: Police search for bushes near Bonny Hills for three days after notice.

* April 17: William's foster parents speak publicly for the first time in an emotional video posted by the police that does not identify them.

* APRIL 17 – Police say the boy may have been the victim of a pedophilia ring.

* SEPTEMBER 12: "The week of Where's William" is released a year after his disappearance.


* SEPTEMBER 12: A reward of $ 1 million is offered for information leading to the return of William.


* August 24: William's foster status is revealed after a court ruling.


* June 12: New South Wales police announce the start of a four-week forensic search of Bushland in Kendall, conducted by Strike Force Rosann.

* June 14: William's grandmother scolds the police who has not found the child after four years, and says his last search is "just to show."

* June 26 – the forensic search continues on what would have been William's seventh birthday.

* June 27: Strike Force Rosann announces that it will move the search to an 800 m2 bushes block just 4 km from where William was last seen alive.

* July 5: The last search ends with Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin saying the case could soon go to a coroner.

Source: AAP

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