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Will state pensions ever be means tested? This is the money podcast

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 Will state pensions ever be means tested? This is the money podcast

Older people received another increase in their state pension this week, taking the full amount to more than £11,000 a year.

This year’s increase of 8.5 per cent was due to the triple lock commitment – ​​a guarantee that the state pension will rise each year by CPI, wages or 2.5 per cent, whichever is greater.

What does the future hold? While there is much speculation about making the state pension means-tested, in reality it could be incredibly difficult to implement.

This week, Tanya Jefferies, Georgie Frost, Helen Crane and Lee Boyce talk about state pensions and how they compare to other countries.

And continuing with the theme, there is another delay in the Government’s new online state pension top-up service. When will it be released?

NS&I has a four-day IT meltdown making it difficult for customers to log in, suggesting to one that they may have a “time drift”. What does this strange explanation mean?

Crane is on the case once again, this time Eon is in the line of fire after insisting a part-time dance teacher used £95,000 worth of energy… in one month.

And who would have an American Express card with an APR of 704.6 percent in their wallet? Lee has the answer.

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