Will Smith shares a throwback clip of a 'beautiful' moment of reflection on set of Emancipation

Will Smith shared a new Instagram clip early Sunday that captured a reflective moment he had while on the set of his latest drama film, Emancipation.

The King Richard actor, 54, sat on a chair set up in the middle of a rain forest and explained during a break from filming that “God’s world is really beautiful.”

The star previously uploaded a video on Saturday sharing that she tested positive for covid, preventing her from attending a screening of the upcoming Apple TV+ movie.

Special moment: Will Smith, 54, shared a clip to his Instagram on Sunday while reflecting on the set of his latest film, Emancipation.

At the beginning of the video, Will could be seen sitting in a chair surrounded by trees in the middle of a break from filming a scene for Emancipation.

The star wore her character’s costume and held an umbrella over her head as she silently watched the rain gently falling onto the ground.

“This is my favorite moment in this movie,” she admitted, as the camera panned to the vibrant green trees.

Tranquil: The Award-Winning Actor Was Filmed Peacefully And Quietly Watching The Rain As It Fell On Green Leaves And The Forest Floor

Tranquil: The award-winning actor was filmed peacefully and quietly watching the rain as it fell on green leaves and the forest floor

Enjoying The Time: The Star Turned To The Camera As Someone On Set Filmed The Moment And Expressed That She Loved

Enjoying the weather: The star turned to the camera as someone on set filmed the moment and expressed that she loved “the rain”

Raindrops could be heard hitting the leaves and dirt-covered ground before Will continued, “I love the rain.”

In the caption attached to the video, the talented star wrote to her 62.7 million followers: “One of the most beautiful moments of the shoot.”

With a calm look on his face, the Aladdin star expressed that he loved how the rain ‘makes everything stop’. Its beautiful.’

Will then began referencing his character, Peter, from the upcoming movie Emancipation, which is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on December 9.

For Your Character:

For his character: “In the midst of all hell, find a moment of God’s beauty in nature,” the actor said of his character, Peter, from the Apple TV+ action drama.

Appreciating Nature: Will Could Be Seen Pausing A Few Times Throughout The Clip To Quietly Watch And Listen To The Rain.

Appreciating Nature: Will could be seen pausing a few times throughout the clip to quietly watch and listen to the rain.

The Problem: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Added That His Character Can

The Problem: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air added that his character can “realize that the problem is man” by appreciating nature.

“It’s also a moment that I want to find for the character. In the midst of all hell, he finds a moment of God’s beauty in nature and realizes that the problem is man.’

The action drama’s premise follows Peter, a runaway slave who “fights his way through the Louisiana swamps on a circuitous journey to escape the plantation owners who nearly kill him,” according to IMDB.

He further reflected that the world’s problems are “in the hearts of men” and “not in God’s world.”

Wrapping up the moving video, the I Am Legend actor emotionally expressed to viewers that “God’s world is really beautiful.”

Deep Thought: At The End Of The Clip, Will Explained To The Audience That

Release: Emancipation Is Scheduled To Launch On Apple Tv+ Early Next Month On December 9

Deep thought: At the end of the clip, Will explained to the audience that “God’s world is really beautiful.”

Emotional: Discussing The 1863 Whipper Peter Photograph On Which The Film Is Based, Will Told Vanity Fair:

Emotional: Discussing the 1863 photograph of Whipper Peter on which the film is based, Will told Vanity Fair: “Every single one of Peter’s scars now has a story behind it.”

Emancipation is based on the true story of an 1863 photograph taken of a slave known as Whipped Peter, particularly for the number of painful whipping scars on his back.

Speaking about putting himself in the shoes of historical photography and paper, Will, who is also a producer on the project, explained to vanity Fair, “When I look at it now, I feel even more.”

“Each of Peter’s scars now has a story behind it. There is a man behind the image. A man who has endured visible and invisible atrocities that are beyond my imagination,” the father of three continued.

Emancipation will open in select theaters early next month on December 2 and will be available to stream on Apple TV+, just in time for Oscar season.

Positive Test: On Saturday, Will Showed A 'Viral' Video Of Himself Getting A Covid Test, Which Came Back Positive.

Positive test: On Saturday, Will showed a ‘viral’ video of himself getting a Covid test, which came back positive.

Getting Better: Instead Of Speaking To The Audience In Person, The Oscar Winner Met Them Via Zoom, While Sitting In Front Of A Laptop

Getting better: Instead of speaking to the audience in person, the Oscar winner met them via Zoom, while sitting in front of a laptop

However, the actor was banned from attending the awards ceremony for ten years following this year’s notable Oscar slap against then-host Chris Rock, but he is still able to receive nominations.

Earlier on Saturday, Will shared a clip of himself taking a rapid Covid test that turned out to be positive. “Throwback to when I went viral,” the star humorously wrote in the post’s caption.

The actor had originally planned to attend a screening of Emancipation and wow the audience, but due to test results, he had to cancel those plans.

The action star showed no signs of illness, but he did make exaggerated cries of pain as he rotated the test swab around his nostrils, and was surprised when an hour later he received a positive result.

Instead of speaking to the audience in person, the Oscar winner met with them via Zoom, sitting in front of a laptop.

Previous Screening: The Actor Held A Smaller Screening With A Few Close Friends, Including The Talented Singer Rihanna And Her Boyfriend, A$Ap Rocky

Previous Screening: The actor held a smaller screening with a few close friends, including the talented singer Rihanna and her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky

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