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Will Apple’s mixed reality headset be better than previously thought? – WhatsNew2Day


Attack on virtual realities: Will Apple clean up the market with its mixed reality headset? (Images: Pixabay, Freebiesupply)

Apple’s raring-to-play headset drew enthusiastic responses from one tester, at least according to a statement by Evan Blass (as macrumors.com reported). Blass, who has repeatedly made correct forecasts for Apple products in the past, says he is in contact with a conscious tester.

What does the tester say about Apple’s device?

Blass’ statement believed, the tester’s opinion has changed from one within the last few months Lament on the disappointing capabilities (of the headset) towards one like being blown away delay.

Pale himself as Phone leaker quotes his source as follows (the tester tweeted the request to speak via his private account):

The leap that has been made since (late last year) is gigantic. At first I was skeptical; now I’m overwhelmed.

What we know about Apple’s device so far

The industry response to Apple’s AR/VR headset is mostly restrained – on the one hand because of the high price of 3,000 dollars, on the other hand because competing products from Sony and Meta have so far been disappointing.

Apple has been tinkering and tinkering with its AR/VR headset for several years now. In the course of time, the product presentation and market launch have already been postponed several times. This was due to design and software challenges.

For industry observers and Apple fans, it’s not unlikely that Apple will unveil the long-awaited headset at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

Key facts: Below are some of the key specs known to date about Apple’s VR/AR headset:

  • It will probably mean: Reality Pro or reality one
  • Two Sony 4K Micro OLED screens: will be installed
  • More than a dozen cameras: Record the user’s surroundings – or their facial expressions and gestures
  • In terms of design, you can expect: curved visor made of aluminium, glass and carbon fiber
  • The weight of the device should be relatively light: This is to ensure comfort

Are you excited about the Apple Mixed Reality Headset – or are you sobered by the constant shifts? Do you think Apple will succeed with the market launch of the next big coup, or is it all window dressing? Write us about it in the comments.

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