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Will Aaron Rodgers be lured to the Jets by burning a cheese head hat? Willow Gardner hopes so

It represented one of the defining moments of Willow Gardner’s rookie season.

And now it’s just… well, sauce.

Cheese sauce, to be exact.

Last October, the New York Jets cornerback donned a Green Bay Packers cheesehead hat while celebrating his team’s upset win over quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Co. at Lambeau Field.

This week, Gardner and two of his Jets teammates, running back Breece Hall and wideout Garrett Wilson, burned that hat. It was part of an effort to convince Rodgers “to come here so we can win the Super Bowl,” the reigning defensive rookie of the year said. in a video who captured the ritual and posted it on his YouTube channel.

“After the fire is out, I’ll scoop up the cheese sauce,” Gardner said, referring to the plastic hat that had melted in his campfire, “and we’ll eat some chips and dip them in the cheese sauce, that’s how. we will do it”.

Rodgers is not a free agent. But the four-time league MVP and one-time Super Bowl champion appears to have the upper hand when it comes to deciding his immediate NFL future, which could involve retirement, staying with the Packers or being traded to a team of his own. liking.

He reportedly met with members of the Jets organization this week in Los Angeles, causing quite a stir among Jets fans and players.

“Let’s make this happen, man,” Gardner said to the camera, turning to Rodgers.

“I’m not playing any games anymore. I was playing at the beginning. I’m not playing anymore. You see it in my face. I need you to lock yourself up. I need you to come here so we can win the Super Bowl. Don’t even play anymore. I mean, you’ve been playing too much.

Gardner indicated that he had spoken with Rodgers.

“We settled our differences, you know, over the head of cheese and all that,” Gardner said. “He had some energy, I had some energy. Our conversation definitely gave me hope that he could be in that green and white next season.”

Gardner asked Wilson what it would be like to catch passes from the future Hall of Famer.

“Man, I just know it’s going to be accurate,” Wilson said. “That’s the main thing I think about when I think of A-Rod.”

In case setting a piece of plastic on fire wasn’t convincing enough, Gardner showed off more of his backyard as further incentive for the indecisive quarterback.

“It’s cold outside right now. When the pool cover comes off, man, we can swim,” Gardner said, again addressing an absent Rodgers. “Like, we can have a little pool party at my crib, man, thrown by you!”

As the video ended, Hall summed up the sentiments of the Jets faithful everywhere.

“We need you!” the Scream.