Wild theory that Zac Efron was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend Vanessa Valladares THREE years ago emerges



May: Rumors have circulated that Hollywood star Zac Efron is secretly living in Byron Bay

June: Zac has reportedly met inspiring model, Vanessa Valladares, for the first time while waiting at Byron Bay’s General Store & Café

June 22: Social media goes berserk with reports that Zac was only spotted in General Store & Café

July 1: Zac was first photographed in Australia giving Vanessa a kiss on the cheek during her shift

August 2: TMZ reported that Zac was ‘formulating a plan to flee LA and move to Australia full-time’

August 22: Zac reportedly ‘inspected a property in Byron Bay and made an offer’

August 24: Zac ‘canceled his flight back to LA’ amid rumors he wanted to move to Down Under for good

September 3: Zac and Vanessa pictured enjoying a skiing holiday in Thredbo

September 4: It seemed to be getting stronger, Zac and Vanessa were first seen holding hands at the lunch date

September 5: Zac and Vanessa were seen looking in love at brunch at Lennox Head

September 9: Zac is said to have been spotted house hunting

September 22: Zac is said to be ‘torn between life in Australia with his girlfriend and his career in Hollywood

October 2: Zac and Vanessa were spotted in Sydney’s Bondi Beach

October 14: Reports surfaced that Zac was ‘planning to propose to his girlfriend’

October 18: Zac hosted a star-studded birthday party in Byron Bay with Kyle Sandilands and Melissa McCarthy also in attendance

October 22: Zac and Vanessa saw lunch on Gold Coast

November 6: Zac was spotted in an Adelaide Bar – after it was announced that he will be filming the upcoming movie Gold in South Australia

December 4: Zac and Vanessa were seen together for the first time in weeks amid rumors they were ‘taking a break’

December 22: Zac put his $ 7.8 million LA bachelorette pad for sale


Jan 9: Zac and Vanessa saw packing on the PDA during a beach outing

Feb. 14: Zac completed purchase of $ 2 million block in Tweed Valley amid rumors he plans to move to Australia permanently

March 9: Zac begins filming his new Netflix docuseries, Down to Earth, across Australia

March 27: Zac was spotted talking to camera crew while visited by Vanessa in Melbourne, Victoria

March 30: Zac was seen rappelling and hiking with his girlfriend in the Blue Mountains while filming his Netflix series

April 2: Zac was spotted during a coffee round without Vanessa

April 8: Vanessa reportedly walked around Sydney’s Barangaroo alone

April 11: Zac is said to have sent Vanessa home

April 21: Radioschokjock Kyle Sandilands said he spoke to Zac on the phone and confirmed that he was no longer dating Vanessa