Wife says Brit suspect in cocaine ‘super-cartel’ is innocent

A wife of a British money-launderer was arrested in Spain as part a major cocaine ring bust. She claims that he is innocent.

It was revealed on Monday that a drugs ‘super-cartel’ that controlled a third of Europe’s cocaine trade was busted by police, with 49 arrests in countries including Spain, France and Dubai.

MailOnline is happy to reveal that the British man arrested in Spain by MailOnline is a married, university-educated graduate with a child, and now works in the realty business after he emigrated from the UK. He Before his arrest, he claimed that he was living his dream of living in sunny climes.

The suspect, who is originally from the Home Counties of England, was taken into custody at his villa in a quiet cul de sac near Marbella. The late-night raid was captured in photos showing the suspect wearing grey tracksuit bottoms and being surrounded by heavily-armed, masked officers. His hands were cuffed behind him.

The wife of the Spanish money launderer suspect in a major drug ring bust has declared that her husband is ‘totally innocent’. Pictured: Police officers guard a Marbella residence from a British suspect who was cuffed during a massive drug ring bust.

The detached house is close to the Westin La Quinta Golf Resort & Spa where top-tier football clubs from around Europe base themselves to use its warm winter training facilities.

The suspect was in his 30s and had a degree in quantity surveys at a London University. He then worked many years for one of Britain’s most prestigious construction companies before moving to Marbella and taking up a career as a property developer.

It is not possible to prove that the real estate firm where he works was involved in any wrongdoing. 

The suspect has not been charged with any crime.

His lawyers are believed to be trying to convince a judge to release him while he is being investigated. This is on the grounds that he has family and work ties to Spain, and therefore would not pose any flight risk if he was released.

His British wife is still living at the couple’s £2.5 million villa in a quiet cul-de-sac near Marbella. She When a reporter approached their home Monday afternoon, they initially refused to speak. However, she later said that she knew her husband was innocent and would prove it. It’s been a hellish experience.

The ‘historic’ international operation seized £21.7million worth of assets, including 30 tons of cocaine and the gang’s supercars, luxury villas and piles of cash.

Spanish police said the leader of the organisation is a ‘British national’ who fled his former base on the Costa del Sol for Dubai, where the Kinahan organised crime group are based, after a kidnap attempt. He Later, he was arrested in Dubai. 

Spain will now try to extradite him to face charges for cocaine trafficking. On Tuesday, it was unclear how long the suspect leader, who is also in 30s and hails originally from the Home Counties of Spain, had been in Dubai.

According to police, he partnered with drug barons in order to create a macro-criminal organization to maximize profits and minimize risks.

According to a Spanish police source, another British man was detained on the Costa del Sol. Officers raided a number of villas in Marbella Madrid, Barcelona and Madrid.

Pictured: The British Suspect Is Seen In Cuffs Being Led By Armed Spanish Police. The Spanish Part Of The International Police Operation Has Resulted In The Arrest Of 15 People

Pictured: The British suspect was seen in Spanish police cuffs. 15 people were arrested in Spain as part of an international police operation.

A Huge Drugs 'Super-Cartel' That Controlled A Third Of Europe'S Cocaine Trade Has Been Busted By Police Officers, With 49 People Arrested In Various Countries Including France And Dubai. Pictured: Spanish Civil Guard Police Officers Raid A Mansion In Spain

Police officers have arrested 49 people in different countries, including France and Dubai, from a massive drug’super-cartel. They seized a third of Europe’s cocaine trade. Pictured: Police officers from the Spanish Civil Guard raid a Spanish mansion

The Huge International Operation Seized 30 Tons Of Cocaine, As Well As The Gang'S Supercars, Luxury Villas And Piles Of Cash

The massive international operation captured 30 tons of cocaine and the gang’s supercars.

Ten People Were Arrested In Belgium, Six In France And 13 In Spain. Another 14 People Were Arrested In 2021 In The Netherlands As Part Of The Same Operation, Europol Said. Six High-Level Targets Were Arrested In Dubai

Ten people were detained in Belgium, six in France, and thirteen in Spain. Europol reported that 14 other people were detained in the Netherlands in 2021 as part of the same operation. Six high-ranking targets were detained in Dubai

According to Europol, the international effort included arrests in France and Belgium as well as the Netherlands.

Europol reported that “the drugpins Europol considered high-value targets had joined forces to create what was known as the “super cartel”, which controlled approximately one third of Europe’s cocaine trade.”

“The magnitude of cocaine importation to Europe under the control and command of suspects was enormous and law enforcement seized more than 30 tons of drugs during the investigation.

Europol reported that Dubai had arrested two suspects of high value who were linked to Spain, the Netherlands and France.

According to the agency, the Dubai crackdown resulted in a ‘big fish’ from the Netherlands. This man was linked to Ridouan Takghi, an alleged Dutch crime boss. He was himself taken into the Gulf emirate in 2019. 

‘He “was just as important as Taghi if not more important,” a Europol source stated, referring specifically to the Dutch suspect. 

According to Dutch public broadcaster NOS the suspect was alleged to have formed an alliance with leaders of Italian and Irish drug gangs in Dubai.

Ten people were detained in Belgium, six in France, and thirteen in Spain. Europol reported that 14 other people were detained in 2021 in the Netherlands, as part of the same operation. Six high-ranking targets from Dubai were taken into custody. 

Spanish police said more than 500,000 euros (£433,000) was confiscated during a raid on a series of luxury villas in Spain, along with three weapons, high-end cars and luxury watches. The Civil Guard say some of the vehicles were worth around 300,000 euros (£260,000).

During the investigation, more than 30 tonnes were seized from European ports. This was due to hacks of encrypted phone communications between drug dealers and police.

Desert Light was the codename for the international operation. 

Spain’s Civil Guard called the bust “unprecedented”, with officers saying that it sends a strong message to drug barons as well as other criminal kingpins who feel they are outside the reach of Dubai’s law. 

Ten People Were Arrested In Belgium, Six In France And 13 In Spain. Another 14 People Were Arrested In 2021 In The Netherlands As Part Of The Same Operation, Europol Said. Six High Level Targets Were Arrested In Dubai. Pictured: Agents Are Seen From Spain'S Guardia Civil, The Us-Based Drug Enforcement Agency (Dea) And Europol

Ten people were detained in Belgium, six in France, and thirteen in Spain. Europol reported that 14 other people were detained in 2021 in the Netherlands, as part of the same operation. Six high-ranking targets from the US were arrested in Dubai. Pictured: Six high-ranking targets were arrested in Dubai by agents from Spain’s Guardia Civil. They are US-based Drug Enforcement Agency, (DEA), and Europol.

The Spanish Police Said More Than 500,000 Euros (£433,000) Was Confiscated During The Raid, Along With Three Weapons, High-End Cars And Luxury Watches

The Spanish police said more than 500,000 euros (£433,000) was confiscated during the raid, along with three weapons, high-end cars and luxury watches

Footage Released By The Civil Guard On Monday Showed Heavily Armed Officers Forcing Their Way Into Mansions Where They Made Arrests And Taking Away Suspects In Handcuffs

On Monday, footage released by the Civil Guard showed heavily armed officers forcing their entry into mansions. They made arrests and took away suspects in handcuffs.

Drug trafficking: The Cocaine market 

The cocaine trade has seen an unprecedented boom over the last few years, partly due to its soaring production. 

The main producers of cocaine, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru produced twice the cocaine they produced in 2018 than they did in 2013.

Traffickers of drugs transport cocaine to Europe via sea or air. In the past decade, they have opted for sea routes and primarily focused on container trafficking. 

The traffickers continue to improve their methods of hiding cocaine amongst the millions that reach Europe every year.

These have resulted in hundreds of tonnes of cocaine reaching Europe over the past few years. 

Cocaine is readily available Europe’s purity has never been greater, and the prices are extremely low.

Trafficking cocaine to Europe is more appealing to drug gangs than the United States. This is partly due to the lower risks of extradition or the seizure assets.

But, iThe police have seized record amounts of cocaine in international drug busts.

The region seized more than 214,5 tons of cocaine in 2020. That’s a 6 percentage increase on the previous year. Experts at the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDD) believe that the amount could be as high as 330 tons in 2022.

The number of criminal organizations involved in cocaine trafficking is ‘larger than ever. 

The majority of the work done by drug gangs is now outsourced to subcontractors, making it harder for police to locate their leaders. 

They also hire assassins to transport cocaine and money laundering.

Europol released a video showing agents from the US Drug Enforcement Administration (US Drug Enforcement Administration) and Spanish Guardia Civil seizing luxury cars as well as hidden cash stashes. 

Before making arrests, the heavily-armed officers forced their way into the villas. 

Europol reported that the arrests made between November 8 and 19 are the latest in a series of European cases following a hack of sophisticated encrypted phones used by organised crime networks last January.

Secretly, police used the SKY ECC telephone platform to listen in to communications that were supposed to be between drug dealers.

Although most of the drug was from South America via the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, some drugs were also imported through South Africa.

In Spain, the Civil Guard said their operation, dubbed Operation Faukas, had begun with the seizure of 700 kilograms of cocaine in the port of Valencia in March 2020. 

Spanish police spokesmen said that officers found a criminal organization that was transporting cocaine through the ports in Barcelona, Valencia, and Algeciras.

“They also discovered that a sophisticated real estate company had been set up on the Costa del Sol in order to conceal the proceeds from drug-smuggling.

“The leader of this organization was identified as a British citizen linked to Costa del Sol, who was forced to flee Spain to live in Dubai after being kidnapped.

‘From Dubai, he continued to direct the criminal activities of the organisation and maintain drug-trafficking contacts with the other drug lords in the emirate.  

Dubai is home to the Kinahan organised criminal group, although it is not known if this group is connected to these raids. 

Spanish police call the operation, which was coordinated by Europol as part an international operation codenamed Desert Light ‘historical’.

A spokesperson for the Spanish Civil Guard added that the international effort of all agencies involved sent a clear message to criminal organizations, in the sense they know no place is safe from those who seek to avoid justice.

They said:From Dubai’s leaders were convicted of being in control of and directing the criminal activities of different cells. They also believed that they were living in a sanctuary, where they felt untouchable.

According to the Civil Guard, three suspects were held in Operation Faukas (Spanish end of Desert Light) and are now considered high-value targets for Europol.

This morning, it was unclear how many British nationals were among those held. 

Spanish Police Are Calling The Operation, Coordinated By Europol As Part Of An International Operation Codenamed Desert Light, 'Historic'. Pictured: Spanish Police Officers Seize Weapons

Spanish police describe the operation as historic, and it was coordinated by Europol in an international operation codenamed Desert Light. Pictured: Spanish police officers seize weapons 

The Civil Guard Say Three Of The Suspects Held As Part Of Operation Faukas, The Spanish End Of The Desert Light Operation, Are Considered High-Value Targets By Europol. Pictured: Motorbikes At The Properties In Spain

According to the Civil Guard, three suspects were taken into Operation Faukas (Spanish end of Desert Light Operation). They are high-value targets for Europol. Pictured: Motorbikes at Spanish properties 

In Spain, The Civil Guard Said Their Operation, Dubbed Operation Faukas, Had Begun With The Seizure Of 700 Kilos Of Cocaine In The Port Of Valencia In March 2020

According to the Spanish Civil Guard, Operation Faukas started with the seizure and removal of 700 kilos (or cocaine) from Valencia’s port in March 2020. 

According to some reports, one of the Dubai detainees was a Panamanian national suspected to have supplied the cocaine.

A spokesperson said that:He He was allegedly responsible in Panama for the introduction of drugs into Port of Manzanillo. He also had links to other drug barons from Dubai.

“The criminal organization based in Spain had two distinct structures. One was responsible for the drug extraction in the maritime ports, while the other was responsible for laundering money through the real estate companies.

The first part of the city was located between Malaga Province and Barcelona, and had an direct impact on Barcelona Port.

It included two Bulgarians, one being a high-value target of Europol, as well as three Spanish citizens, including a port worker from Barcelona who was responsible for vehicle entry and departure.

“The other section was made up of people who were trusted and supervised by the chief leader of the criminal organization.

‘It was based on the Costa del Sol, the nerve centre for its financial activities where they had bought property valued at more than 24million euros (£20million) and laundered their drugs money.’

Prosecutors in the Netherlands stated they would ask the United Arab Emirates to extradite the suspects.

The other was a Dutch-Bosnian dual citizen aged 40, who is suspected of smuggling cocaine via Hamburg, Germany in 2020. He also planned to import 8 tonnes raw materials for the production of amphetamines via Antwerp, Belgium.

The Dutch media identified him as Edin, G. and reported that he was wanted in the USA by the DEA for his ties to Ridouan Tghi, an alleged drug kingpin.

A Moroccan-born Taghi was taken into custody in Dubai in 2019. He He is currently being tried in the Netherlands for murder and running a large Amsterdam-based cocaine smuggling organization.

Another suspect is a 37 year-old dual Dutch/Moroccan citizen, Zouhair B. Dutch media claimed that he allegedly smuggled three tons of cocaine to the Netherlands in a shipment worth more than 200 millions euros.

He Also, he was suspected of money laundering as well as firearms possession.

According to a statement by the Dutch prosecution service, the investigation into the two men was based on decrypted messages received from SKY phone.

According to the statement, “These are serious criminal offences pertaining international drug trafficking primarily from South America via ports of Antwerp & Rotterdam.”

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