The summer season is here. The sun is here. You have got into the habit of wearing your sunglasses to benefit from excellent visual quality. Its advantages are not limited to our comfort. Sunglasses offer excellent protection against the sun!


The sunlight is fundamental to everyone’s health, it contributes to physical and mental well-being. But it must be taken into account that it does not only have virtues. We are aware of the harmful effects it has on the skin, these also extend to the eyes. The latter experience serious consequences of prolonged exposure to the sun in both children and adults.

Light is useful so that we can see properly what is around us. The sun is an essential natural light for us to carry out our daily activities. Unfortunately, it also diffuses rays that the human eye does not perceive like Ultra Violet (UV) rays. 

UV rays are divided into three categories A, B and C. The most dangerous are those of the first category. They are not stopped by the lens and can, therefore, reach the retina, especially in young children. If the infrared is not visible, its effects are immediate. They quickly cause burning sensations.

The problem with these rays is that their actions are not visible in the short term. They are only felt after several years. It is therefore essential to protect the eyes as soon as you perform an outdoor activity. Wearing sunglasses suitable for a high UV index is therefore highly recommended in the daytime. 


Whether you are by the sea or spending your holidays in the mountains, you should not leave your sunglasses behind. Note that UV is more abundant at altitudes. Also, snow reflects more than 80% of them. If your eyes are not protected, you may suffer from snow ophthalmia. This condition affects your cornea.

Sunglasses are worn by adults as well as by young people. Before 12 years of age, the lens does not yet play its protective role. It will, therefore, be necessary to ensure that the glasses chosen are specially designed for your children’s eyes and that they are capable of stopping rays with a high UV index. It is thus crucial to choose your sunglasses painstakingly to avoid any eye attack. During your vacation, you must have all the assets on your side so as not to suffer the inconvenience of the sun. Taking advice from your ophthalmologist can help a lot as well. 

How to choose glasses with health benefits?

In the choice of sunglasses, you need to look for the best option. You are not guided by fashion and price (although they matter too), but most importantly, by health care benefits glasses.


The first to consider is the stuff. The options to choose from are plastic and glass. There is no difference though, the second option is more suitable for people with low vision. They can wear “chameleons” in summer, or, as they say now, “photochromic” glasses with lenses that “tint” in the sun. But chameleons are just glasses with glass lenses. They have heavy glasses, pressing on the bridge of the nose, where there are many nerve endings. (You risk becoming a patient of not only an ophthalmologist but also a neuropathologist, suffering from headaches, irritability and insomnia). In addition, skin diseases on the bridge of the nose can also develop under the arch of glasses. 

Plastic always scratches faster, so you probably have to change the glasses 2-3 times a year. Glass is more scratch-resistant, but in any case, glasses should be stored in a soft case and put glasses only up.


The second thing to choose is color. If you chose plastic, then another question arises before you – the color of your accessory. Regrettably for some, this may sound, but glasses of not all colors can be worn. Some colors will not help you look stylish and keep the unit in the vision column of your medical record, while others will vice versa. So, what to wear and what not?

  • Red, orange, bright yellow glasses cause nervousness, increased irritability, sleep disturbance.
  • Dull yellow glass enhances contrast, suitable only for dim sunlight.
  • Blue glasses reduce the clarity of the image, adversely affect the retina.
  • Pink glasses not only help to see the world in a better light but also greatly distort the light spectrum. Only suitable for dim sunlight.
  • Black lenses are appropriate in bright light (on beaches, in mountain resorts). In other cases, with constant wear, increase intraocular pressure.
  • The gray color is neutral and does not harm your eyes.
  • In neutrality, gray is echoed and brown, suitable for daily use.

Amazing advantages of wearing eye glasses!

What if you were told that having a pair of glasses on hand could be much more useful than you thought? Those who wear it may not admit it to you, but it has some great advantages

It makes you look smart!

It is interesting to see that in the collective unconscious, wearing glasses is most often associated with wisdom and intelligence and not with vision problems. 

You seem much more serious in interviews

Yes, in addition to intelligence, glasses have the power to make us look like someone serious, which can be a real asset in maintenance.

It saves people from banging you!

It may sound weird but we wouldn’t really dare hit someone who wears glasses from fear of breaking them. Well, that doesn’t give you the right to fight either!

People listen to you attentively

Simply because they believe they are dealing with a genius. 

It helps hide dark circles

Hide from me these horrible dark circles that you cannot see! You put your glasses on your nose and voila!

It protects the eyes

Nothing better to protect your eyes from the sun (if they are tinted) or in case of strong wind.

It changes your mind

No need for a makeover, just a pair of glasses to get a new head! Who says better?

You can change your style whenever you want

Today, glasses exist in all shapes and colors. You can adapt them according to your style and your desires. And why not match them with your clothes?

It gives you years of experience

Do you look too young for your age? Do you have a child’s head? A pair of glasses may be the solution to your problem.


As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to wearing sunglasses. They are not only used to improve eyesight. So, instead of embracing myopia or moping around on the pretext that they are old-fashioned, quickly find yourself a new pair!