Why You Should Use Box Genie

BoxGenie is the platform through which you design your creative custom packages. But that is only the start. Its real job is to construct a relationship with each client that can help their business flourish. 


It was made as a Vanguard Packaging branch, which may satisfy its collective vision to operate closely and creatively using more prominent companies and let them find better success and recognition via custom packaging.

Why Should You Use It?

Easy to Design

It provides a variety of box designs and dimensions. Pick the one which satisfies your product’s wants and get started designing 3D. Publish your imagination and personalize your boxes, include your logo, customized text, background color, upload pictures as well as upload your art.


Many people have a better comprehension of theories once they leap in and get started viewing the visuals. If it describes you, then that our 3D layout tool will reveal to you in real-time how your branded boxes will probably appear together with the cost per unit. 


As your design options vary, so does your own customized made box trailer, so does the cost per unit. It is all set out to become clear and simple to comprehend precisely what you’re becoming.

Highest Quality

It will provide you with the highest quality custom boxes. From raw materials to shipping, what it does will be in-house so that you receive precisely the identical stunning quality on each purchase.


It provides consistently verified quality, accuracy, and speed without compromise. It has also developed an ideal blend of customizable box alternatives to ensure your company has precisely what it needs and should provide the very best customer experience.

Customer Service

It’s easy to design, but if you need any support, their support team is here to help you out with everything you need.

Committed to quality and worth, it would like you to view us as reliable specialists with big hearts that will help you delight your clients with excellent unboxing adventures that keep them returning.


As a branch of Vanguard Packaging, BoxGenie has plenty of experience for more than 45 decades, in reality. Because of a third-generation, family-owned maker of wholesale and packaging boxes, Vanguard has been a trustworthy associate to top worldwide retailers and has since worked with tens of thousands of consumers throughout North America. 


Significant retail also translates into considerable information, and it is pleased to pass on that understanding to each of our clients.

Affordable Prices

The prices of the customs boxes are affordable as well. 

Responsibility of the Environment 

That is why it has invested in equipment that uses odorless water-based inks, so zero UV-reactive compounds generate zero toxic air pollutants. Its high-tech center in Kansas City, Missouri, was constructed around our renewable practices and placed 150-feet underground to become chilled.

Best Quality Printing

Never has there’s a quicker and much more cost-efficient means to receive high-definition layouts on your packaging. It requires a single pass of the printer to deliver some color mixes, gradients, or colors to life without swapping printing plates to slow it down. 


Love a luxe texture with a shiny finish once you select our Magic White top board, the ideal canvas for photo-quality images.

Investment for Favorable Outcome

BoxGenie’s mission will be to assist modest businesses to find outstanding achievement and recognition through habit packaging. As a self-indulgent family-run firm, it must pass what they have discovered by expanding our small enterprise to the packing powerhouse they dreamed of becoming. It wishes to realize your business grows to a powerhouse also.


After reading all the significant points of BoxGenie, why don’t you try it out yourself? Then you would know how great it is.