Why You Should Swap Your Pre-Pregnancy Engagement Bands for Ethereal-Looking Post-Pregnancy Moissanite Rings?

Most often, when a pregnant mother reaches around the end of her second trimester, her engagement ring begins to tighten on the girth of her finger. Suppose you have ever been in that situation where your beloved engagement ring no longer fits you, and you don’t expect it to fit you any longer after the birth of your first child. In that case, you want to head to your nearest custom jewelry in Toronto and find yourself the next perfect upgrade to your engagement ring. 

If your major concern at this point is if the ring may be as expensive if not more than your original engagement band? Then fret not; you can get as exclusive an engagement band as your original one or an even better one at half the price at any store crafting custom jewelry in Canada. 

Are you concerned if people may be able to tell the difference between moissanite or diamond? Here’s how they can tell the major difference between moissanite and diamond: 

  • Brilliance – When brilliance is in question, moissanite tends to reflect much more light than diamond. Therefore it produces a stronger level of brilliance and brightness in comparison to a diamond. Simply speaking, moissanite will appear far sparklier than a cut of the similar shape and size of a diamond.
  • Fire – moissanite has a stronger fire and Dyment, typically. As in, it breaks down the light into many noticeable spectra of colours than a diamond. Naturally, moissanite will produce a stronger flash of colour when placed by the side of a diamond under strong lighting. You can now get moissanite jewelry in Canada at premium custom jewelry stores in Toronto. 
  • Clarity – Typically, moissanite is produced in a lab environment, and the average clarity level of the moissanite stone is higher than that of naturally produced diamond stones. Diamonds often have their own blemishes inclusive within them, whereas voice notes tend to have only a few obvious internal imperfections.
  • Colour – Generally, moissanite isn’t entirely colourless; they often show noticeable yellow, grey, and green dangers when viewed under certain lights. Indirect comparison, diamonds come in a variety of ranges of colour that may be slightly or strongly tinted to give off that colour.
  • Weight – Moissanites tend to weigh approximately a quarter times lesser than a diamond of the same size. This can only be gauged if one holes a stone of similar court in both hands or in a precision jewellery scale. 
  • Value – when it comes to value, moissanite is significantly less expensive in comparison to the diamond. This means you could get a larger stone of Moyes a night for the same value as that of a smaller diamond.
  • Electricity conductivity-this isn’t a factor that the eye can check. Both of these elements conduct heat as well as electricity in a different manner. However, some diamond testing tools make use of electricity to detect whether it is a real diamond or a different type of gemstone.

Some advantages of choosing moissanite over a diamond engagement ring: 

  • Price – as mentioned above, moissanite is significantly more affordable than a diamond of the same cut and size, and that is of significant advantage if you’re on a limited budget after just having had a newborn baby to tend to. 
  • Clarity – as noise and lights are typically produced within a lab setting and or artificially generated, they are not quite sold unless they are of high clarity grade. 
  • Brilliance – As moissanite tends to have a higher reflective index, they have a strong level of brilliance and noticeably little in the level of colours that bounce off them. This can be quite advantageous when it is looked through very bright light, such as the sunlight in the daytime.

This should be reason enough to choose moissanite rather than a diamond ring from stores that specialize in custom jewellery in Canada. Now you can enjoy the beauty of your post-pregnancy glow with the help of moissanite rings that are far more brilliant than diamonds at a more affordable rate.