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Why You Should Learn Mandarin: A Guide to the Chinese Language


Mandarin is the Chinese language also known as Northern Chinese. It is a native language of almost two-thirds of the population in China and among the official languages of Singapore. Mandarin has level, rising, falling and high rising tones. These four tones are used to distinguish words with the same consonants and vowels, but the meaning is different. It has fixed word order because it is neither for infection nor markers to indicate speech.

Linda Mandarin, a professional Chinese Language school, located in Singapore, provides high-quality Mandarin courses. The courses are offered to provide effective communication Mandarin skills to the non-native and the natives of Singapore. Learning Chinese comes with its benefits. Below are the reasons why you should learn Chinese;

  • Chinese is a globally spoken language

The fact that Chinese is the most spoken language globally should give you a desire to learn it. Besides Chinese being spoken in China, it is also spoken in Singapore and Taiwan. If you are a certified man or woman in a particular course, it is essential and advantageous to learn Chinese because you might come across a client, supplier, or colleague who speaks Mandarin.

  • It helps you increase your maturity.

According to research, learning an additional language like Mandarin increases your level of maturity. Increasing your knowledge by studying the Mandarin language helps you attain another level of maturity.

  • It is an added advantage to your curriculum vitae.

Chinese language skills are scarce in some companies, so having the skill in your curriculum vitae will probably earn you a position. Your value will be seen in the company you are applying for because you know Mandarin. You will also be a blessing to the company since you can teach Mandarin to your colleagues.

The popularity of China is thriving because of the expansion in the economy. This is increasing interest in its language and culture. People who know and understand Mandarin Chinese are really in demand by companies and individuals. Among the six official languages in the United Nations, the Chinese language is included. You should learn Mandarin because there is a continuous increase in China’s economic growth.

  • It allows you to access China.

Uncovering beautiful China on your own is the most significant advantage of learning Mandarin. Learning Mandarin before travelling to China will help you discourage the real china upon reaching there. The natives will also give you an exceptional welcome because of your effort to learn their language.

  • It helps you uncover the culture of the Chinese.

The fact that China is treasured worldwide has made its history and culture prominent. Knowing the Chinese language will deepen your understanding of China’s cultural practices. Understand the language, and you will be able to tour the music, stories, novels, films and music of Chinese.

  • It will help you get employment in China.

China embraces foreign investments and economic organizations since it is globally prominent. Because of this, there is an enormous demand for people that can surpass the disparity between the more incredible world and the new china.

  • Allows you to communicate with many people

Millions know the Chinese language of people. Learn Chinese, and you will be able to communicate with millions of people and experience the adventures that China can provide.

  • It opens room for new friends.

Knowing mandarin will help you make new friends across the world since you will be able to communicate with many people.

  • It keeps your brain fit.

Learning Chinese is not like learning other languages. Research has confirmed that learning Chinese uses more brain parts than other languages. Chinese takes more brainpower since it involves the use of tones and characters. Chinese speakers use both the left temporal lobe and the right temporal lobe compared to English which uses only the left temporal lobe. You will know Mandarin by just looking at the ten most recognized Chinese words in the English language.

  • There are more incredible ways to learn Chinese.

In part, the Chinese course was considered a very tedious process. It used to involve studying extensive dictionaries and huge character lists with poorly recorded audios. Right now, learning Chinese has been exciting and much better. There are also many platforms from which you can access Chinese learning materials.

  • It is much faster to pick up.

Chinese is not as complicated as people think it is. It is actually among the easiest languages you can ever come across. Students learning this language start to speak it during the first few weeks of encountering it.

In conclusion, I will advise you to take the Chinese classes since they have many more benefits than those listed above. You will never be disappointed after taking the Chinese course. Mandarin is among the best and most essential languages globally that are most appreciated.

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