Why You Should Consider Counseling in 2021

Professional counseling can help a variety of individuals. Regardless of age, race or background, mental health is crucial to our well-being. 2021 is a new year to seek help for the unique type of anxiety and stress many of us feel today.


What Is Counseling?


Counseling is a profession designed to help mental health. By working on the specific issues of the individual, counseling can help clients understand how to use strategies that best work for them. Because counseling is unlike seeking advice from a friend, the profession may shed light to issues that the individual or his/her community cannot see.


Counseling can help with many different mental health issues such as:

  • addiction
  • anxiety
  • anger management
  • grief
  • relationships
  • sexual assault
  • trauma
  • eating disorders
  • depression


Depending on the issue, specific counselors can provide different methods. If there is more than one mental health issue that an individual wants to address, many counselors are trained in multiple areas.


Why Now?


2021 is a new year with a lot of change. Over just the past few years, many people from all walks of life have been experiencing a stressful adjustment. The political climate and the pandemic have both created new anxieties for much of the country. Although the effects may be different, everyone has felt the impact of 2020.


Common issues that arise during extreme times of stress include depression, anxiety and addiction. Any metal health issue that was present before a stressful or tumultuous period is often exacerbated with time. Issues that could have felt under control before the pandemic may be too difficult now. Examples of this can include domestic abuse, alcohol use, anxiety and depression.


Even if an individual has not experienced previous mental health issues, drastic change can cause anxiety in both children and adults. A change in jobs, schooling, and homelife routine can be difficult during uncertain times. Families in particular can feel the strain of sudden adjustment.


2021 Counseling


Prioritizing mental health is important for multiple reasons. Relationships, work, and even physical health can deteriorate without the right care. While many people have turned to meditation or exercise during difficult times of stress, this alone does not always help. To utilize all types of treatment, professional counseling is recommended.


2021 therapy may look different than in previous years. Many counselors have adjusted their practice so they can keep up with the health regulations in their area. Online or virtual counseling is one safe way to still be able to maintain mental health treatment while staying home during the pandemic.


Prolonged emotional stress can cause physical problems over time. If you notice that you are feeling certain symptoms more often than usual, this could be an indication that counseling is necessary. Common physical symptoms of prolonged stress include:


  • stomach or gastrointestinal problems
  • chronic colds
  • neck or back pain
  • nausea
  • hair loss
  • migraines
  • Insomnia
  • weight gain


Physical symptoms caused by emotional responses to stress are very real. Stress should be considered a serious health issue to avoid any future health problems.


Individualized Counseling


Counseling techniques can differ depending on the counselor. While some may rely on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, others involve a mix of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or Psychoanalytic Therapy. Counselors can take a more proactive approach or they can encourage the client to lead the way. Because every person is different, their mental health approach must be a good fit.


Regardless of the type of talk therapy used, counseling can help boost mental health. Energy levels, the ability to concentrate, appetite, sleep patterns, and depression can all show improvement with the right counselor. To obtain and sustain a high level of mental health, counseling in 2021 is a necessity.