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Why You Should Buy a Lab-Grown Diamond Ring?

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Did you know that Pandora decided to release a whole ring collection exclusively made with lab-grown diamonds in 2021? Well, if this doesn’t ring any bell for you, let us clarify – this diamond type has become incredibly popular!

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds made using artificial methods in the laboratory. Some people also prefer to call them synthetic diamonds. Comparatively, real diamonds are the ones that are mined and retrieved from inside the Earth.

But that is not the only difference between these two types. There are several reasons why lab-grown diamond rings have become so popular. So, if you’re someone who can’t decide which one to pick, continue reading to unravel the answer!

1. They’re 50% Cheaper Than Real Diamonds.

Believe it or not, it’s now possible to buy a large diamond ring for under $4000. We say this not because the diamond’s value has depreciated or perhaps, the jewelers have decided to be lenient for the upcoming wedding season. It’s all because lab-grown diamonds are almost 50% cheaper than real diamonds!

As mentioned, these diamonds are made artificially. It means companies don’t have to go through the tedious process of locating diamonds under the Earth’s surface, mining, refinishing, and finally, designing the jewelry. They can skip all of this right to the last step.

Thus, the cost of lab-grown diamond rings is generally cheaper. However, the definite value depends on the shape, cut, carat weight, and – most importantly – the brand. For example, James Allen’s price for a simple solitaire setting can be as low as $190. Meanwhile, Clean Origin’s price for the same product type can be up to $500. 

Here is a detailed Clean Origin review to help you understand the huge price difference!

2. They’re Shinier & Clearer Than Real Diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds come from a very controlled environment – the laboratory. Dirt and debris are some elements that it doesn’t encounter at all, and so, they have less inclusion than real diamonds.

In case you’re wondering, inclusions refer to the tiny imperfections present inside the diamond’s structure. These inclusions are not a result of production methods. Instead, they form when intense pressure and heat inside the Earth’s surface transform carbon into diamonds. 

So, while you cannot avoid these inclusions in real diamond rings, they are non-existent in lab-grown ones. It’s why these synthetic diamonds tend to be shinier and clearer too. 

3. They’re Available in a Wider Variety Than Real Diamonds. 

Since humans have little say in how the Earth transforms carbon into diamonds, you will find less variety and designs available for your special one. There will be typically the same range of diamond cuts and shapes fitted into different rings. However, lab-grown diamonds are exclusive and unique. 

You’ll find a different lab-grown diamond ring collection at each jeweler. So, if you really want to go one step ahead and ensure your significant other gets a gift that is not only valuable but unique, lab-grown diamonds are your go-to option.

4. They’re More Environmentally Sustainable & Ethical Than Real Diamonds.

Buying lab-grown diamond rings help us contribute our share to saving the plant. We say this because there’s no digging of the Earth, use of valuable fossil fuels, or release of toxic substances into the atmosphere. These diamond rings are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Plus, there are no low-wages laborers or poor work conditions in its manufacturing. The production method is ethical, with teams of professionals working in well-equipped labs. 

5. You Can’t Tell a Lab-Grown Diamond Apart from Real Diamonds.

Last but not the least, the biggest benefit of choosing a lab-grown diamond ring over the real one is that no one can tell them apart. Both the diamond types are absolutely identical. There won’t be any difference in the looks, cuts, shapes, and even clarity – at times. 

However, if your significant other does get into the depths of the matter, a single glance at the price tag would give you away. So, it’s better not to lie 😉

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