Why You Need to Lose Weight through Natural Ways ?

Today, there are several weight loss supplements, diets, meal replacements plans, information, and products online. Many of them can be dangerous to your health. A bunch of the recommendations online are questionable.

What’s a better approach to losing weight? The natural way is the best and most effective way. It’s healthy and backed by scientific evidence. 

This article dives deeper into some natural methods for losing weight. From intermittent fasting to eating enough proteins, natural methods have produced the best weight loss results. 

Lose Weight

5 Natural Methods for Effective Weight Loss

So you want to lose weight the natural way while maintaining your overall health? Here are some tips to achieve that.

  • Reduce refined carbohydrates

The significant fiber and nutrients of these types of carbohydrates have been removed from them. After the refining process has been completed, only easily digested carbohydrates are left. This may result in overeating as well as the risk of diseases.

Some main sources of these carbohydrates include white rice, white flour, sodas, white bread, added sugar, snacks, pastries, and sweets.

  • Consume lots of fiber

These are often plant-based carbs. Dietary fiber describes what the small intestine can’t digest. It’s different from starch and sugar which break down easily in the small intestine. When you eat enough fiber, the feeling of fullness increases in you. The result is a possibility for natural weight loss.

Good examples of foods rich in fiber include whole-wheat pasta, oats, whole-grain cereals, whole-grain bread, rye, beans, peas, barley, pulses, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

  • Track your exercise and diet

This should be your first step if you plan to lose weight the natural way. You must track down everything you drink and eat. This should be done daily. Keep a daily journal of things you consume for the day. Also, don’t forget to record in your journal the type of exercise you do daily. 

According to research in 2017, there would be over 4 billion health app downloads after one year. These apps are very useful in helping fitness enthusiasts track their physical activities as well as their food intake.

  • Eat more protein in the morning

Proteins are great meals for breakfast, especially if your goal is to lose weight naturally. Proteins regulate your appetite hormones. This helps you feel full for a long time.

 According to a recent study, a breakfast rich in protein will last for some hours. Some of the best sources of good protein are sardines, quinoa porridge, eggs, nut butter, seed butter, chia seed pudding, and oats.

  • Intermittent fasting works wonder

IF, Intermittent Fasting, is also an effective way to lose weight naturally. It is a pattern of eating which has to do with fasting for the short-term, then eating meals within a short timeframe during the day.

Studies have recorded significant weight loss in people with obesity. Doing this type of fasting for about twenty-four weeks seems to deliver the best result.

What Else You Should Know About Losing Weight?

There are other effective ways to lose weight naturally. One method that also stands out is losing weight with a gastric balloon. This weight-loss method is suitable for people who are obese. It’s recommended if diets and exercise have failed to be effective for losing weight.

A gastric balloon is a modern form of losing weight. The gastric balloon helps patients feel full for a long period, while they eat small meals. A gastric balloon doesn’t require any surgery.

To get a significant result from the gastric balloon treatment, a minimum of six months is required. You can lose about twenty pounds to fifty pounds from this natural procedure – that’s between ten and twenty percent of total body weight. Visit an online website to read about gastric balloons. 


Going the natural way is the healthiest way to lose weight. Refrain from using supplements or diets that will hurt your overall health while seeking to lose weight. 

Finally, with proper meal planning and consistent exercise, you should be able to lose weight naturally. However, if these didn’t work for you, you may also consider going for the gastric balloon procedure. It’s a natural approach to losing weight.