Why You Need Search for Your WordPress Websites?

We all know the fact that WordPress is used to create our blogs and is the most flexible site for beginners. This serves as an open platform to publish your content. Search option plays a vital role in a WordPress website because it enables the reader to search for specific content that they are looking for. Initially, WordPress was started for blogging, but over the years, the site has gained popularity as a powerful website for content management systems (CMS).

Here are the reasons why you need to search for WordPress:


  • Helps the reader find relevant contents

Are you serious about starting a new blog on WordPress? If so, it would be better to get your website listed in top search engines like Google, Bing, Safari, etc. If you are following the practices of WordPress SEO, then Google automatically helps the user find your website. Search option helps the reader find their desired topic or content in your blog. It saves time for the reader enabling them to go through your blog without hassle.

  • Use WordPress search plugin for a better search feature

The built-in search feature is available in WordPress but it has limited facilities. It would be better if you can use the WordPress search plugin for a finer search feature. When you add more content to your blog it would be nice if you can make the search easy for the readers. It is recommended to rely on the best practices SEO because a common complaint by the readers is that “WordPress search box not working”. 

Following the best practices can help readers to find content in search engines like Yahoo, Google, Edge, etc. There are different types of WordPress search plugin that you can give a try. Here are some of the WordPress search plugins.

  • ExpertRec search is a great WordPress cloud-based search service that makes            searching your site easy, fast, and also customizable. 
  • Elastic search is a WordPress search feature that helps the readers to get answers to their queries instantly.
  •  Ivory search is a wonderful WordPress plugin service that allows creating multiple search custom forms.
  • WP Google search is one that helps to replace the default search feature of WordPress.
  • WordPress Shopify feature enables you to seamlessly display your products. Pro version of WordPress Shopify is available which provides you with additional search facilities, for instance, you can also edit Shopify search box according to your comfort.
  •  WordPress extended search is a lightweight search plugin that enables to search the name of the author, title of the post, and taxonomies.
  •  Better search is another wonderful place to search all types of posts, across different topics in an easy manner.

WordPress is a blog that is used by people from all walks of life like students, business people, writers, etc. Search options for your WordPress website can be advantageous both for the reader as well as the blogger. With the help of the WordPress plugin, the search function can be made user-friendly which promotes productivity.