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Why Yggdrasil Gaming Won Casino Platform Provider of the Year Award


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On 13th April 2022, Yggdrasil were named the RNG Casino Provider of the Year at the International Gaming Awards (IGAs for short). But what is Yggdrasil, and why are Yggdrasil casino games amongst the best and most popular out there?

What is Yggdrasil?

Yggdrasil is a provider of online or iGaming solutions. Launched in 2013, the company is one of the industry’s most successful and iconic suppliers, and derived its name from the Old Norse, where Yggdrasil refers to an ancient, sacred tree.

It’s undeniable that Yggdrasil have contributed to and driven the growth in mobile and online gambling markets. The company is consistently ground-breaking and innovative, and have a storytelling-first approach that has attracted international stakeholders, investors, and gamers. 

The company’s success has been evidenced multiple times – in the years prior to 2022, it has won various accolades, including Innovator of the Year in 2019 and 2020.

One of the company’s most dynamic assets is its GATI technology – and it is this that predominantly explains sets Yggdrasil Gaming apart from the competition.

What is GATI technology?

GATI technology (Game Adaption Tools & Interface) is one of the main reasons why Yggdrasil Gaming won casino platform provider of the year. But what is GATI, and how does it work?

GATI is a regulated, preconfigured, and standardised content development toolkit. In Yggdrasil’s own words, it is a ‘disruptive framework’ designed to empower iGaming content developers partnered with Yggdrasil to develop and distribute industry-leading content via Yggdrasil’s global distribution network with relative ease. 

GATI is essentially a do-it-yourself toolkit that accords with regulations. Partners using GATI can make their own games and game servers or adapt existing ones under the GATI framework, which is under constant development and improvement via rapid, iterative testing and analytics.

Those partners of Yggdrasil then also benefit from global distribution of their games, which have a rapid time to market, as well as full commercial and compliance support from Yggdrasil itself. All partners can also cross-sell their games to global Yggdrasil Franchises.

The significance of GATI technology for the industry is hard to overstate.  

In 2020, 4theplayer.com, a self-identifying up-and-coming creator and operator of digital gambling games, partnered with Yggdrasil specifically to make use of GATI technology. Many other companies and organisations have also aligned themselves with Yggdrasil as a result of GATI, testifying to the significance of this technology for the sector.

What else makes Yggdrasil stand out from the crowd?

Alongside their GATI technology, Yggdrasil also identified themselves as industry leaders with the announcement of their Yggdrasil Game Server (YGS) Masters programme. An invitation only, semi-open platform powered by GATI, the YGS Masters was first launched in 2019 and is designed to bring independent game studios, developers, and operators to develop slot and casino games on Yggdrasil Gaming’s own existing platform.

More than eleven gaming studios have joined the programme, contributing to a game creation network that has revolutionised the industry and allowed creators, developers and operators to focus on doing what they do best – making games!

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