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Why Women Should Get Prenatal Massage to Step into a Pain-Free Motherhood

When you’re pregnant and experiencing painful muscles and joint problems (which, believe us, is a frequent occurrence), turn to massage for comfort! There are many reasons to include massage in your everyday life, whether a short foot rub with your spouse or a professional prenatal massage. Not only will it relax your muscles and make you feel fantastic, but it also has many health advantages.


A prenatal massage is a full-body massage given by a licensed prenatal physiotherapist that is comparable to a Swedish massage (as you would get at a spa), with a few changes to guarantee the safety and comfort of both mother and baby. Before embarking on massage treatment, women should always consult their prenatal care physician about their health.


Several different bodily systems are stimulated during a massage. Numerous manual manipulation methods may assist in activating the muscular system, joints, bones, the lymphatic system, the skin, deep and superficial tissues, and the circulatory system in different regions of the body. Throughout pregnancy, these systems are taxed and stimulated in ways that they are not ordinarily. 

Additionally, getting an infant massage in Calgary helps make precise and strategic modifications to ensure that you receive a pleasant, effective, and safe massage. Let’s take a look at some of the most significant distinctions between conventional massage and prenatal massage.

Can pregnant women get massages?

After the first trimester, prenatal massages are usually regarded as safe, as long as you get clearance from your practitioner and inform your massage therapist of your pregnancy. However, massage should be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy since that might cause dizziness and exacerbate morning sickness.


Contrary to popular belief, there is no magic eject button that can inadvertently interrupt your pregnancy, and there is no strong scientific evidence that particular kinds of massage have any impact. Certain pressure sites, such as the one between the ankle bone and foot, are avoided by some massage therapists out of fear that they may induce contractions. However, the data on whether massage can begin labor is unclear (to nonexistent).


Prenatal massage at home

  • Gentle foot rub. Your spouse may begin by gently massaging the top of the feet with lotion, moving from the toes to the ankle and making tiny circles around the ankle. Then, instruct them to create tiny circles with both thumbs on the left foot, just under the toes. On the heel, they may alternate between moving one thumb down and one thumb up. Additionally, they may gently pull on each toe and massage between them with their index or thumb. To be safe, it’s generally prudent to avoid the tender spot between both the ankle bone and heel.
  • Backrub. To slide their hands more easily over your skin, ask your spouse to apply some lotion to their palms before stroking your back up and down with both hands. It’s recommended that you apply firm pressure with your thumbs or the bottom of your hand, beginning on the side of the spine and going up and down.
  • Shoulder rub. Apply mild pressure on one side of the neck with the base of the palm or the pads of the fingers and glide between the shoulder and the bottom of the skull—rep on the other side.
  • Scalp massage. From the skull base to the hairline, apply moderate pressure on the scalp with both hands and spread fingers, rotating hands together or apart. Add mild face rubbing, which can be very soothing.
  • Belly. Avoid massaging it! Rather than that, gently massage it with vitamin E oil for a calming effect that may also aid in the prevention of stretch marks.

Finding a registered massage therapist

Are you ready to schedule some me-time on the massage table? Some websites provide connections to provincial professional organizations, making it simpler to locate a registered physiotherapist (RMT) that specializes in prenatal massage in your region. Get the best prenatal massage in Calgary

from a certified RMT who is educated and competent with a pregnancy massage. When interviewing massage therapists, inquire about their training and experience treating pregnant women.

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