Why There is a Need for Halfway Houses in New York Following Rehab

Most people find it difficult to find a supportive environment at home post-detox and drug/alcohol recovery programs. To heal holistically, one needs a structured environment and crucial support that aids their recovery process and ensures it reaches completion.

This is where halfway houses near New York come in.

These are transitional facilities that offer a two-pronged approach to recovery.

  • The freedom to take your own life decisions moving forward
  • Complete accountability of your deaddiction journey and resistance to temptation

The residents of a halfway house in New York usually comprise the following:

  1. Those who have been court-mandated to do so
  2. Those who want to try sober living in New York and use these houses as transitional living homes
  3. Those who have lost their home due to alcohol addiction and are learning how to become responsible for themselves 

The need for sober living homes

These are greatly needed by all those who are medically detoxified but are fearful of assimilating with the mainstream society. 

Here are some reasons behind the requirement for these homes:

  • Having been isolated by family and friends, not to mention the society at large, for so long, these people have strong apprehensions about acceptance by others. 
  • Staying here provides residents with the much-needed coping mechanisms that will allow them to function smoothly once they are out and about in the normal world, outside the confines of the sober home.
  • There is an increased likelihood of the resident never returning to the life of addiction. The support system one gets in these houses empowers them to tackle the obstacles of life lead-on, while firmly resisting the temptation to drown in oblivion brought on by drinking.

All these houses have certain rules and regulations, called house rules, which you are supposed to follow so that you can get used to sobriety and the structured life it brings along. 

Some of these are:

  1. Random drug checks that ensure the maintenance of your sobriety
  2. A set curfew you are not supposed to break
  3. Zero violence policy
  4. Some set chores you are supposed to do in the house
  5. Attending group meetings
  6. Meeting the house therapist regularly
  7. Not having any overnight guests
  8. Engagement in voluntary work

There is a lot of freedom in these houses, unlike a rehab centre. Staying here is not free, and usually, residents have their own room to stay in. Using their key, they can come and go as they like, but they have to make sure they stay sober and do not drink or dope once outside.

Your recovery is in your own hands. A sober life is, contrary to what most alcoholics believe, not boring at all but full of exciting possibilities and adventures. It will allow you to live life to the fullest and enjoy every second of being in the present moment.

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