<pre><pre>Why the new Call of Duty is not a Modern Warfare 4

Towards the end of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3a lot had happened in the series, from nuclear destruction to a Russian invasion of the US. So when the developers at Infinity Ward started plotting the next game in the series, they realized something – they needed a clean slate.


"There were so many things that prevented it from resembling the world we see today," explains Jacob Minkoff, a design director for one player on the new Modern warfare. "To make a new one Modern warfare game in 2019, we had to put that old storyline in bed. But it's quiet Modern warfare. "

That is why the next game in the series, announced today, is simply mentioned Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, in contrast to Modern Warfare 4. It is not a continuation, but more a soft reboot, comparable to the reinvention of last year God of war from Sony Santa Monica.

The developers compare it to when Daniel Craig took over James Bond; it is the same general setting and characters, but with a rougher tone. The new Modern warfare contains well-known characters, including the fan-favorite Captain Price, but places them in a more modern context. "We wanted to bring them back and give them a new life, more fully developed, more mature," says Minkoff.

The main reason for this shift, according to Minkoff, is that the story can better reflect the real world. That does not mean Modern warfare will contain recreations of real conflicts or situations, but instead offer scenarios inspired by them. The Infinity Ward team uses the phrase & # 39; torn from the headlines & # 39; often.

Here is how Minkoff explains the relationship of the game with real conflicts:

In general, what we want to do is true to the spirit of the modern conflict, but not to the reproduction of specific events or specific conflicts. And that is for a few reasons. The biggest is that it would bind our hands as developers. If we specifically repeated what happened within the time frame that we started developing the game, who knows where it would be by the time we were done. It takes three years to make one of these games. So that we could find ourselves in a position where we got off the rails completely and found ourselves in a strange and offensive territory.

We can also end up in a place where we have a cool gameplay idea, but that didn't happen in the real world, so we can't do that. We want to be able to create the most interesting, convincing, and emotionally most impactful gameplay scenarios we can imagine, and we want to separate ourselves just enough from the real world to give us that freedom.

The game contains a story campaign for one player that is divided into two halves. In one, you play as a high-ranking special ops soldier, and in the other, you are a rebel hunter in the Middle East. Because the game is also an incredibly realistic and violent shooter, there is a lot of potential for problematic or disturbing moments, virtual situations that do not fit well with what is ultimately an entertainment product about firing weapons. It's a fine line, but Minkoff says it's important to show these more disturbing aspects of war, to give players a better understanding of reality.


"We know that we will not please everyone, but we do our utmost to treat complex material with honor, with respect, with sensitivity," he says. The development team uses the internal slogan "beak not Saw,"With a stated purpose of having violence that is intense and mature, rather than unnecessarily bloody.

Modern warfare is not necessarily trying to convey a specific political message with his contemporary story, but there is at least one thing that Minkoff hopes players will come out of the experience. "I want you to have empathy," he says. "I want you to walk a mile in the shoes of these characters and step away from this game to find out more about what they stand for."

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be launched on October 25 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.