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Why Synthetic Ice Rinks Are the Perfect Solution for Backyard Skating

by Afaq Ghumro
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Backyard Skating

Transform your backyard into a winter skating arena with an ice rink. These synthetic rinks are eco-friendly and don’t require water, electricity, and other resources that impact the environment. Premium quality synthetic ice panels are self-lubricating to eliminate the need for chemicals. They also feature UV protection to preserve their chemical stability and color.

Easy to Inspect

A conventional ice rink requires a lot of care and maintenance, from constructing the base to resurfacing regularly to keep the surface smooth. With a synthetic rink, you only have to sweep and mop occasionally to keep it clean and ready for skating. Synthetic ice is made from panels installed on top of a base, which can be anything from a concrete patio to a dirt driveway or even a garage floor. The ice is then covered with a sheet of acrylic that’s either glued or bolted to the base. The tiles are pressure-washed and squeezed dry before the ice goes down to prevent moisture from damaging the surface. When choosing your backyard synthetic ice rink, select one with a manufacturer that uses the sintering process. This allows lubricant pellets to be mixed into the polymer, creating a superior gliding surface that hockey players and coaches favor. It’s also important to find a builder who offers warranties and certifications to protect your investment and ensure adherence to industry standards during construction and after.

Easy to Maintain

If you have a budding hockey player or figure skater in your family, consider turning your driveway into a synthetic backyard skating rink. This type of ice rink is much less expensive than a refrigerated rink and requires very little maintenance.

Backyard ice rinks are typically made of plastic panels that snap together to form the surface. They are easy to install and require no special equipment, power or coolants. They also take up far less space than a traditional backyard rink and are perfect for any yard size or location. Synthetic ice rinks are made from a blend of polymer plastics engineered to create an authentic feel and glide experience similar to real ice. The quality of the raw materials, the manufacturing process, and the formula used play a significant role in the final product. Choose a reputable builder with a warranty and certifications to ensure the highest-quality results. A high-quality synthetic ice product will provide an optimal ratio of glide and grip while maintaining low levels of abrasion and shavings (much lower than conventional ice). This allows you to replicate your biometric movements with the same precision you would experience on natural ice.

Easy to Construct

Imagine owning a modern ice rink that doesn’t require water, power, coolants, bulky equipment, or even a Zamboni. Synthetic ice has become the ideal skating surface, offering incredible glide and eliminating the need for regular resurfacing.

Glide is made possible by a process known as “sintering,” which embeds lubricants deep into the plastic. Cheaper synthetic ice requires a topical oil to be applied. Still, premium products are engineered to release fats from within the plastic as skate blades cut into it, improving the overall quality of your skate experience. Synthetic ice is also easy to install and set up. Unlike natural ice, which can take months to construct and is limited by climatic conditions, artificial ice does not need refrigeration, electricity, or water, making it ideal for use in any location. This flexibility opens up the possibility of ice hockey and other sports in regions where they were previously unattainable.

The ease of installation and maintenance makes synthetic ice great for commercial facilities, public parks, and private homes. A typical backyard rink can be constructed in less than a day with some manufacturers’ systems, and even disassembling and packing the rink away is an effortless task. Synthetic ice is also adaptable and can be modified to accommodate people with disabilities, allowing everyone to enjoy the fun and exercise of skating.


While traditional ice rinks are expensive to maintain—water, electricity for refrigeration, and the pricey Zamboni—synthetic ice is a much more affordable alternative. And since the rink tiles are easy to add, expanding your skating space as your budget allows is possible. A good synthetic ice builder will provide a warranty for their work and a guarantee that the rink they install meets industry standards, including safety, quality, and performance. In addition, they should offer customer service and aftercare. You should also check out the builder’s certifications and reputation to ensure they are a reputable and experienced company. The best synthetic ice products are sintered rather than extruded for superior glide and consistency. The manufacturing process is key, as sintering allows the lubricant to be evenly disbursed throughout the surface. This self-lubricating property makes synthetic ice much smoother and more realistic than other brands of artificial ice. Skating on a backyard rink made of synthetic ice is an amazing experience. The smooth surface feels just like real ice and provides an incredible glide. And the best part? It’s available year-round—even in hot climates. Imagine skating on a magical fantasy ice without the price tag of a traditional ice rink. It’s possible with today’s innovative technology.

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