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Why Should You Not Use an Android Device for Cryptocurrency Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining gathered the attention of many people in recent times. Cryptocurrency mining is a famous way to create digital currencies using mining machines. Here you can check the benefits of cryptocurrency. Utilizing a dedicated mining machine for minting virtual coins is unnecessary as it all depends upon the competition and difficulty rate in a digital currency mining network. 

White paper of no digital currency has specified the utilization of a dedicated mining machine, which means cryptocurrency mining is viable even with an Android device. Android cryptocurrency mining seems an exciting venture, but is it worth investing time? Not using android devices for cryptocurrency mining is not optimal, and there are numerous reasons behind it. Here are some reasons why android devices are not suitable for cryptocurrency mining. 

How Has Cryptocurrency Mining Evolved?

The evolution of this business in the last few years is impeccable. Earlier, there was no need to use dedicated mining machines to profit from cryptocurrency mining. But now, with increasing difficulty rate, the business demands installation of potential mining machines. A miner can start mining with one machine, but the profitability only depends on three factors.

 The first factor characterizing the profitability of cryptocurrency mining is mining machine market value. The second factor deciding the profitability of cryptocurrency mining is power expense, and the third is difficulty rate. Nowadays, all three factors are touching the roof as people recognize the profit potential of this action.

 The difficulty rate of bitcoin mining and other digital currencies has increased in the past few years. As a result, in cryptocurrency mining, the prospects of getting block rewards are only high either you have a large set-up of mining machines or are a member of a mining pool—the pros and cons of conferring both of these pathways in the virtual coin mining journey.

 Disadvantages of Using Android for Cryptocurrency Mining

Nowadays, the use case of the android phone for cryptocurrency mining is massive as everyone is mining different digital currencies on their android devices by installing dedicated virtual currency mining applications. But there are numerous disadvantages of utilizing an android phone for cryptocurrency mining. So let’s discuss the disadvantages of using android devices for cryptocurrency mining. 


The rewards of android cryptocurrency mining are pennies if compared with the rewards a miner can get by installing a dedicated mining rig. In short, a cryptocurrency can never make rewards from android devices as they can make with a good mining set-up. 

Mining does not require the attention of miners 24*7, so even if you use android phones for mining purposes, it will not waste your time. But mining applications are intended to interrupt other actions going on your android device. Numerous mining applications are fake and scam people by luring them with guaranteed rewards. 

Cryptocurrency Mining Affects Processors

Since Android devices don’t have a hefty processor, cryptocurrency mining seems to exert a massive impact on Android device hardware. Cryptocurrency experts do not even allow people to use their laptops for mining purposes as it puts a heavy load on the processor of the laptop’s chipset. 

In short, cryptocurrency mining is a way more intense process than it appears to you. Furthermore, since mining uses the processor of a device 24*7, it decreases its potential by a massive extent. In short, cryptocurrency mining decreases the life of an android device. 

Besides affecting the hardware of an android device, cryptocurrency mining correspondingly exerts a massive impact upon the battery and performance. Cryptocurrency mining drains the battery of an android at immense speed, which decreases the battery backup. Moreover, cryptocurrency mining applications cause overheating in android devices, making it not optimal for other activities.

 Apple has removed a considerable number of mining applications from the app store. Apple has advised iPhone users not to use their mobile for mining purposes as it can cause damage to the hardware of mobile devices. Moreover, mining is not a business performed by android devices as it is more of an ASIC and GPU-centric business now. 

The above portion has explained everything regarding reasons for not using android devices for mining purposes as there are several disadvantages of such an act.  

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