Why Physiotherapy Is Necessary After an Accident

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy; like any other therapy is a means of remediation in case of injury and/or health damages. It is important for a person to get his medical issues diagnosed before undergoing any sort of medical treatment whether it is psychotherapy or physiotherapy. 

Physiotherapy helps a patient to recover through physical methods like massages, manipulation, and exercise. Physiotherapy helps a patient in avoiding the medication or surgery options by choosing this natural means of recovery. Physiotherapy castle hill provides the best physiotherapy in town.



One of the biggest myths regarding Physiotherapy is that it can only heal back-related issues or problems with sports injuries. People who believe this have no idea of the physiotherapy wonders. 

What can physiotherapists do?

Physiotherapists are experts who can heal people with health problems triggering physical activity that is caused by ageing, illness, disease, or any sort of injury. They opt to relieve their patients of the pain they endure and help them to improve their health conditions by restoring function or lessening the impact of permanent injuries that cause disability.

Physiotherapists are medical professionals who have the skills to diagnose and provide personalized therapy for the sufferers’ of accidents. This therapy encourages the remedial process and brings life back to the unresponsive and stiff body parts. It has been shown through some studies that the strength and flexibility of your neck can help prompt the healing process after an injury. 

Physiotherapy consists of educating, restoring, and rehabilitating. It does it all in the following manner:

  • Through physiotherapy, the professionals educate their patients of the right body postures. This enables the patients to stay in a position that helps them to cope with the pain.
  • It involves physical activity in the form of exercise. It helps in minimizing the agony caused by the injury. It also brings back activeness and restores mobility. 
  • Manipulative therapy to deal with pain and to improve flexibility.
  • Massage therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture for reducing pain.
  • Rehabilitation programs for the patients to go back to living a normal life by going along with work and other activities.

Accident Survivors:

People who meet road accidents or tripping accidents may experience several injuries that can show debilitating symptoms. These accidents can cause deep emotional and mental impact along with serious physical injuries that can change a person’s life in a tragic way. Often times the effect of such physical damage doesn’t show straight away. The symptoms start appearing after a few days. It is necessary for the survivors to seek immediate treatment in order to avoid further complications. Physiotherapy can be a cure for such injuries.

Injuries Caused By Car Crashes:

Some of the car crash injuries that can be fixed through physiotherapy are Whiplash, Traumatic Brain Injury, Herniated disc, and knee trauma.


It is the most common type of car accident injury. It affects the survivors’ muscles, tendons, and ligaments. When the car gets hit, the passengers in the car face a strong blow. This blow makes the passenger’s body move abruptly causing the neck to jerk back and forth. This jerk in the neck can injure the tendons, muscles, and soft tissue. Whiplash can take weeks to recover and can be really painful, depending upon its state and severity.

Its symptoms include stiffness, restricted mobility along with pain in the neck. These symptoms may not appear instantly after an accident. The whiplash pain can become worse with time and on movement. You would need to undergo, a CT scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) or an X-ray in order to find out whether your symptoms are of whiplash or not.

Traumatic Brain Injury:

It causes health problems that can affect a person’s quality of life. It affects both psychologically as well as physically. If it is not too serious, it may cause temporary complications of the brain. Serious traumatic brain injury can result in torn tissues, bleeding, bruising, and physical damage. It must not be left untreated otherwise it can end up as long-term complications of the brain functions. 

Herniated Disc:

Car crashes or other accidents can result in injuries relating to the spine. This is a non-severe structural spinal problem but it is a really painful state.  It happens due to the abrupt strong impact the spine endures. This sudden blow exerts pressure on the spinal disc, forcing the nucleus out of the fibrous peripheral of the disc.

Most of the time, this issue gets resolved on its own but sometimes it requires surgery. The symptoms are not so devastating compared to other car crash injuries. The treatment must begin right after the injury happened as delay in the treatment may cause muscle weakness, shooting pain, and above all permanent nerve damage. Old people have a higher risk of facing herniated disc.

Knee Trauma:

You can cause trauma to your ligaments and your kneecap if a direct force is applied on the knee. This can be very painful and also cause certain complications. Its common symptoms are pain, reduced knee strength, bruising, and restricted mobility. The person suffering through knee trauma finds it difficult to walk as well. Some of the prescriptions for people suffering through knee trauma are crutches and knee braces. Surgery may also be referred to rebuilt and correct the damaged knee area.

Seeking Physiotherapy after Accidents:

A person who endured any accidental blow needs physiotherapy to restore his flexibility, strength and active mobility. It helps accident survivors to begin feeling normal and active again by making the affected areas of the body exercise. The physiotherapy process includes three parts; the assessment, the plan, and the timeline. 

Getting started with the essential treatment right after you meet an accident can help you recover really fast. It promotes your health retrieval and prevents any serious complications from happening. Pain relievers and neck braces come at the initial stage of treatments.  The treatment of broken tissues and other problems are then dealt with in a measured manner. 

You must never neglect any such injuries, no matter how negligible it looks like. Seeking medical treatment immediately is the safest way of dealing with major or minor accidents. These injuries caused due to accidents can affect people in different ways and so the time period and the type of therapy required may also differ. It depends upon the severity of the physical damage and the strength of the injured body part. The damaged parts can be healed back to pain-free mobility if the survivor gets the right diagnosis and treatment. It is crucial to get yourself assessed by health professionals as there are various injuries that we might not be aware of. Such injuries can turn into serious damages if they are left untreated. 

Car crashes can result in really tragic ways. Some people have to go through surgeries and operations straight away. The after-effects of surgeries can also cause great complications but physiotherapy can help the survivors to manage and overcome the agony and lifelessness.

According to a study conducted in Ireland regarding physiotherapy for musculoskeletal pain, the patients were highly satisfied. The patients both men and women felt relieved from musculoskeletal pain through physiotherapy. These people also recommended all sorts of physiotherapy treatments to other patients as well. The only thing they were not very contented about physiotherapy was its cost.