Why Online Shopping Assistants are the Next Big Thing

E-commerce has been changing at a fast rate. The demand for this industry has been on a steady increase for the past years. People have indeed started to see the benefits that come with online shopping.It was reported that roughly greater than fifty percent (50%) of the world populace is now into online shops. The market is bound to continually grow faster because many brands or businesses are starting to go for voice searches and some various options that are in Omni-platform.

 Indeed, roughly 50% of the millennials who buy items in an online platform makes use of the voice search features found in smartphones and gadgets. In the year 2020, we are expecting that more or less 60% of the consumers will be using voice search when buying online.

 Why is online shopping so famous nowadays?

 The online market provides us with a wide array of choices compared with the traditional shopping experience. It allows us to browse for what we want with the help of our gadgets. It minimizes the need to speak with another person and avoids the awkward situation of being followed by a sales representative from time to time while doing our shopping spree. Instead, the e-commerce industry is envisioning an online shopping assistant who can cater to our needs.

 What is a virtual shopping assistant?

 This will be an artificial intelligence incorporated in most online shops to help us answer our questions regarding products and prices.

 You do not have to worry about any wasting your time on the phone waiting for customer service personnel to talk with once this innovation finally makes its way in the market.

 What will be the advantages of using a virtual shopping assistant?

Gives the latest and most up-to-date shopping recommendations

The state-of-the-art virtual online shopping assistants will be designed to provide us with the most accurate and most recent suggestions based on our current inventory of items or products. It is powered by predictive analytics and machine learning to know ones shopping behavior or preferences.

 This will be very beneficial for clothing brands because the assistant can help you with specific sizing needs. If you want apparel in a size which they currently do not have, the virtual shopping assistant can give you other related items but to the extent that you need it.

Answers the most basic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 24/7

You may have the option to turn on the chatbox so that you can quickly get answers to your questions. You can ask about shipping fees, return protocols, etc. without leaving the main page or the product page.

This online shopping system will be available at your fingertips at any time of the day. Hence, customers who desire prompt answers to their queries will be satisfied.

Offers amazing subscriptions, coupons, and deals

“As an alternative to pop-up advertisements and overlays, this virtual shopping assistant may come with discount coupons for specific products. Just enter your email address in the chat-box. If you also want something to add to your cart, the virtual assistant shows you choices that may qualify for a cheaper offer, such as a buy two get one deal. You do not need to try multiple coupons to find a working one,” says Michael Johnson, founder of an AI-based coupon website GoMontana.

 Also, if you are an existing member, you may provide your credentials so that the chatbot can look up any benefits or discounts for members. Moreover, if you want to know how many more points do you need to accumulate to avail of your next discount, then a virtual shopping assistant is all that you need.

Gives significant savings to business owners and customers alike

This high-tech virtual shopping experience allows business owners to save financial resources and time. If you are a businessman, you no longer have to hire several people to be part of your customer service team. Virtual shopping assistants can augment the need for an additional workforce.

It also helps you to attract potential customers and repeat buyers as you can just easily promote your products for everyone to see any time of the day. Buyers can save time, effort, and money by being able to maximize their shopping experience using these AI or virtual shopping assistants. Just imagine being led to an online marketplace that has all you need. Everything is made available to you at your fingertips. All you gotta do is select what will ideally suit you and your budget.

Final Thoughts

Virtual online shopping assistants indeed provides various advantages to the business sector as well as to consumers. It also removes barriers in securing deals and discounts as well as in signing up for additional member benefits.

It even allows you to view a wide array of products and sellers or retailers at the same time. This is why many individuals are confident that this new shopping system will secure first-time buyers and generate new leads for the business sector.