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Why Loopy Pro is the best iPad recording software out there

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Why Loopy Pro is the best iPad recording software out there

For professionals and advanced users interested in things like MIDI mapping, sequencing, and automation, Loopy Pro is a wonderland of customization and inspiration that will serve as your studio’s central control center after some careful tweaking.

Click the pencil icon at the bottom of the page to see the variety of widgets that can join (or replace) your donuts in session view, which can be divided into a nearly infinite number of pages to which can be accessed through tabs or custom assignments. . One-shot loops are great for percussive sounds, while the Clip Cutter can point to an existing loop and automatically assign each of its buttons to a specific “slice” of the loop, allowing for easy glitch cutting. which fans of IDM heroes like Aphex Twin and Autechre will immediately fall in love with.

An XY pad mimics the functionality of a Korg Kaoss Pad, and each axis can be freely assigned to any combination of knobs, buttons or faders within the session, as well as to external MIDI devices that connect via the 5-pin MIDI inputs and outputs of its interface, or MIDI via Bluetooth (BLE). if you are allergic to cables. The latter takes about a minute to set up, and the Loopy Pro’s MIDI mapping mode uses a standard “learn” method that can be as simple or complicated as you like. Assign an incoming MIDI message to as many widgets as you like, or do the opposite so that a single button press in Session View adjusts an infinite number of parameters on your external equipment on the fly.

It only brings sounds

Loopy Pro doesn’t come loaded with any of its own sounds, so you’ll need third-party plugins to complement your audio recordings with elements like drums, synths, and effects. The AUV3 format is the gold standard for plugins that work seamlessly within iOS DAWs, and the number of high-quality options available for free or for just a few dollars on the App Store is staggering.

To create a track, simply open the LP mixer section, click the + icon in the bottom right corner, select “Add Audio Unit Input”, select your plug-in and a new channel will be automatically populated with your selected plug-in . as audio source. A similar workflow is used for external audio sources from an interface, Bluetooth MIDI sources, and MIDI plug-ins, which are essential if you want to sequence or manipulate MIDI messages in strange and creative ways before routing them to internal or external devices. devices.

The mixer uses color-coded groups instead of channels, which is the only facet of Loopy Pro that takes a little getting used to. Assigning different colors to things like drums, bass, vocals, and guitar helps keep everything tidy, and the striking contrast of the neon-colored donuts and widgets against the black background makes LP easy to follow in any environment. Hardware inputs and color groups can be routed to the master bus or to an infinite number of buses via discrete send knobs that are pre- or post-fader, or other color groups that can resample separate audio sources that merge into a single group of colors. and loop.

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