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Why Legler thinks Steph, LeBron and KD won’t win more NBA titles

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Why Legler thinks Steph, LeBron and KD won't win more NBA titles

Why Legler thinks Steph, LeBron and KD won’t win more NBA titles originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Has the NBA moved on from Warriors legend Steph Curry? The great LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers? Kevin Durant, star of the Phoenix Suns?

Despite its dominance over the years, ESPN analyst and former shooting guard Tim Legler believes the answer is a resounding “yes” as the next generation of the game takes center stage in the 2024 NBA playoffs. In fact, Legler doesn’t believe Curry, James or Durant will win another championship as their prolific careers come to an end.

“I can’t imagine that happening,” Legler said Monday on “Get Up.” “Steph Curry isn’t leaving Golden State; he’s playing his last game in a Warriors uniform, and I just don’t know how they’re going to rebuild that team to the extent that they’re going to have to with the competition.” ; some of these young teams, young stars in the Western Conference.”

While there’s a little more uncertainty about where James and Durant will play next season, Legler added, he doesn’t see the Lakers or Suns making progress by retaining their respective stars.

Curry and the Warriors, however, are no strangers to doubts. Golden State lifted the Larry O’Brien Trophy against all odds after winning the 2022 NBA Finals, and that was after several NBA experts and commentators confidently declared Curry. I wouldn’t see another championship during his career.

“And the fact that when we started this season, the conversations about who we were as a team and what we were capable of, you clearly remember some pundits and talking heads putting the big zero on how many championships we would have in the future because of everything we went through.” Curry told reporters after winning the Finals MVP in 2022. “So we hear all that, and you carry it all and try to maintain your purpose, not let it distract you, but you carry that weight and when you get here , everything comes to light.

But things are certainly different now for the Warriors. Andrew Wiggins this season did not live up to the lofty expectations he set for Dub Nation in 2022. and the future of Klay Thompson with Golden State remains uncertain as free agency approaches.

Returning to their former glory in 2024-25 will certainly be a difficult road for the Warriors, but not impossible. Golden State could make a splash in the commercial market this offseason to find some scoring help for Curry, but Legler believes the next generation of stars like Anthony Edwards and Luka Dončić are ready to make yesterday’s greats irrelevant.

And for the first time since 2005, the second round of the playoffs does not feature a team with Curry, James or Durant.

“Think about it: They’re at home. The first round is over. All those guys are watching, all at the same time, as this next generation of players takes the stage and delivers,” Legler said. “Because these guys are not only on good teams that win, but they are incredibly entertaining doing it.

“Look, LeBron and Curry particularly at the top of the list, they’re always going to generate a lot of interest… but if we’re honest about the state of the league, it’s now in the hands of this next wave.” “.

Curry is certainly someone who takes any criticism as motivation. he is the little king and listen to everything, after all. And as the Warriors look to turn things around next season, Splash Brother will lead the charge to prove Legler wrong.

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