Why Is It Cheaper To Shop Online? And How Can You Get The Best Savings


A few years ago, online shopping still seemed like a bit of a novelty for most of us, but because of lockdowns and social distancing, shopping online has become a fact of life for lots of us, with more and more people than ever swapping out shuttered department stores for shopping online.

Nowadays, shopping online is easier and more convenient than shopping at an actual store, with online stores offering fast delivery and not requiring you to leave your home and travel to the high street. But did you also know that shopping online can help you save bundles of money for everyday purchases from food and clothing to high end televisions and electronics.

But how can shopping online end up cheaper than shopping in person? To find out we spoke to online blinds retailer DotcomBlinds to find out why online businesses can work out cheaper than shopping in store and what you can do to save money yourself by shopping online!

So Why Is Shopping Online Cheaper Than In-Store

While speaking to the team behind DotcomBlinds, they gave us some insight into why online-only businesses often work out cheaper than buying in store and there are a few interesting reasons behind this!

“For starters, the cost of running an online only business is a lot cheaper than running multiple stores” DotcomBlinds SEO Manager, Buzz Carter informed us. While a brick-and-mortar store has to pay for store rent and utilities, wages for shop workers and all the infrastructure costs, an online only business only really have the cost of infrastructure which allows them to sell products for a lower price as there’s less general business expenses.

Along with business cost differences, online only businesses have an advantage in terms of their potential customer base and reach, “While brick-and-mortar stores require people to come into their store, online only businesses can sell to anyone in the country at any given time, meaning we will always have a steady flow of customers” says Mr Carter, this basically means that while stores may have bad sales days because of weather, online only businesses don’t have this problem and don’t need to worry about bad sales days.

How You Can Save Even More Money Shopping Online

“Not only are online businesses cheaper to buy from in general, it’s also a lot easier to get additional discounts when shopping online” Mr Carter says. He informed us there are a few ways he recommends to save money when shopping online.

  • Look for Discounts

When you shop in-store your only hope at getting a discount is to have a coupon with you when you go shopping, so unless you already have a coupon, you chances of a discount are slim. But online only businesses regularly put out discount codes, which can easily be found by Googling “Discount Codes for SHOP NAME” will bring you up numerous sites filled with juicy discounts.

  • Make Your PC look For Discounts

If you don’t want to spend your time scouring through Google for discount codes, you can always get your computer to do it for you. Various browser extensions like Honey can automatically search for discount codes and apply whichever one saves you the most money in a matter of seconds, so installing a tool like Honey can save you money without doing any extra work!

  • Ask Customer Service For A Discount

While employees at a store will usually be hesitant to offer you discounts as they make money on commission from their sales, customer service teams at online only businesses are usually quite open when it comes to discounts. So just phoning up or going onto a website’s live chat and asking for a discount straight up can be more fruitful than doing the same thing at a store.