Why is Hanbok considered a cultural treasure of Korea?

Generally speaking, hanbok remains to be a beautiful cultural treasure for Korean people, worn with pride. The elegant and exquisite design of this piece of clothing can easily emanate dignified beauty. It helps in embracing the natural harmony of structure, form, and color. There are multiple patterns included in a hanbok, and some will represent the wedding culture of Korean people as well. Being in history for more than 1600 years, it isn’t hard to state that hanbok is surely a cultural treasure of Korea. 

The symbolization of hanbok:

Hanbok has special colors to it, which represents marital state and social position. There were patterns, as embroidered on the dress, which represents the wishes that the wearer has. For example, you have Peonies, as seen on the wedding dress. It will represent a wish for wealth and honor. Then you have lotus, which can symbolize a proper hope for nobility. Then you have symbols like pomegranates and bats, which will show your desire and love for children. 

With such high-end symbolizations, it is not hard to state that hanbok is a promising part of Korean culture. Even the slightest change in color will show some differences in the wearer’s choice and desires. Everything matters while designing a hanbok. Right from the embroidery to colors and even the actual style of the dress, all matters.

Moreover, you can find people wearing hanboks in any special event like public holidays, birthdays, wedding ceremonies and more. Even to this date, brides and grooms are seen flaunting hanbok on their D-day, to show their love and respect towards their culture. In some public events, people are not even allowed to wear anything apart from traditional hanbok. These points are enough to prove why hanbok is still considered Korean’s cultural treasure.

The beauties of hanbok:

To realize the importance of hanbok, you need to delve deeper into the beauties of it. You can find the beauty of hanbok in its promising and elegant flow of lines. The pleasurable color palette will add to it more.

  • You might have seen the gentle slopes of a traditional house in Korea. You can see its representation on hanbok as well. There always remains a harmony of the sharp straight lines of dongjeong and curved baerae. 
  • This simple mix will reveal the exquisiteness and subtle choice of the traditional aesthetics of this country. The attractiveness of this dress further lies with the lovely lines, as created to match the body’s movements. That’s why; this dress is now gaining global attention. 
  • A typical hanbok from Korean Hanbok Store will have eight different beauties to it. The first one is the beauty of the structure. A hanbok for women with a short jacket and a full skirt will address a simple structural beauty. It will furthermore address rhythmic flow to complement the movements of a body.
  • Then you have the beauty of form, which will radiate natural physical beauty of the person, through its lines and silhouette. Then you can’t ignore the beauty of creation as well. Hanbok is primarily made using flat fabric in one linear shape to add dimensions when worn on the body.
  • Hanbok also talks about the beauty of harmony, with its curved and straight lines, working together beautifully. It shows the unique aesthetic of Korean culture and harmonious movement.
  • Another interesting factor is the beauty of color. These colors are decided based on the yin and yang theory, which represents five colors. Most of the time, hanbok easily makes special use of all-natural colors at their best.
  • The beauty of nature forms a special part of the hanbok dress. The curved line will be one eye-catching feature, as available in loose and full shape, irregular proportions, and even rhythm. It helps to create a natural angle without any artificiality to it.

Wearing a hanbok is a thing of pride among Korean people. You will realize its importance once you read about this cultural treasure with time. People might have different tastes in color, sign, and symbol, but the natural framework remains the same, even to this date. So, before you visit a hanbok store to purchase your own one, be sure to check out the online Korean hanbok store and then go for the right choice.